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Clubs, Local Chapters, and Associations
« on: September 17, 2009, 10:18:14 am »
In an effort to help further organize the "Non-affiliated" race event announcements, UPON MY REVIEW, I will add new sections in the "Race and Event Announcement Section" for other groups at their request.

Once you have your own section in the race announcements area, YOU MAY NOT ANNOUNCE YOUR EVENTS IN THE NON-AFFILIATED SECTION ANYMORE (That sorta defeats the whole purpose).  If you fail to adhear to this, your section will be removed and it will not be re-instated.  This is the only warning on this and if you break the rule and get your section removed, I STRONGLY recommend you don't whine to me about it because I'll just ban you rather than babysit an adult.

I am also going to create section moderators specific to these sections in addition to the existing forum-wide moderators.  Examples would be Bruce for USLMRA, and Hitchiker for the new SOMA section.
I expect the section moderators to keep their section free of bashing other groups.  This site is about promoting Lawnmower Racing.  Again, one warning.

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