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Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I need some insight here. My valve lash with the isky cam installed is WAY over spec.... Isky calls for .005 hot or cold on the intake and exhaust. My valves are measuring 13, 16, 20, and 21 thousandths. Stock cam valve lash is out of spec too... Calls for 3-5 thou on the intake and 7-9 on the exhaust. My STOCK valves measure 8 on both intake and 9 and 16 on both exhaust. Somebody have stock valve height and stock tappet height???? Don't want any catastrophic failure as I have over $1400 in this engine.

So I've got almost everything I need to put it all together and fire it up, gotta finish match porting, a little hone, and carb work this weekend. Got lots of boxes of new parts, all except springs (will be here Monday) and flywheel with hub (for delivery next week sometime). Pictures to come this weekend.

Pistons just came in today, been looking for a skirt coating but no luck. Probably will do the ceramic for the domes too. Only issue is where can I buy the antifriction compound for the skirts? Molykote, Poly Moly, and Cerakote all make it but only sell to a limited number of distributors. I can get them coated both with skirts and domes for 265. Although I have the 120grit aluminum oxide, blaster, and the oven to do the work myself, just can't find the coating. Has Anyone else looked into this or done this themselves?

I finally got the rules and regulations scanned in, here they are

Non-Affiliated Races / Re: 2017 Crazy Racers LLC Pukwana SD
« on: March 08, 2017, 02:56:25 am »
I'm from Northeast Colorado. It'd be about a 6 hour drive North to you if we decided to go. I'm just reaching out to see who is close and you seem to be closest aside from our local chapter in state

Non-Affiliated Races / Re: 2017 Crazy Racers LLC Pukwana SD
« on: March 07, 2017, 06:26:55 pm »
What constitutes an outlaw mower? Tech and spec?

mod 28 pistons and pins ordered, should be here in a few days. Port and polish this weekend and bake the pistons when they get here. Rods came in today. I've been thinking on the ignition and I've found some mini pulling tractor coils that might work but I'm not going to over complicate things (more things that could break or fail). So buying a new OEM coil and a tach to see just how many rpms it will push. Got a possible lead on a new used isky cam rooster grind, another on the flywheel for a lot cheaper than new. Miked the valves and they are still tight, so gonna get billet keepers and stronger springs.

Anyone have some info on billet lifters???

I haven't decided yet lol the ignition setup I'm looking at to reach 9k rpms is close to a grand. Plus if I want maximized intake flow, dual carbs would be great. I haven't decided my budget on the build yet. Anything over 3 grand and I should've just bought a better engine. I've seen some Kohler's claiming to push over 100hp and that's on pump fuel

I've used alcohol in other engines before and it will take twice as much as gas with more than an equal power output. As in 20-30% more depending on the application and flow. Also there are other factors that can increase the flow of an engine than just a cam. That's the only reason I brought up the question, it WILL run on alky with the stock cam and run better than gas. It's just not optimized for alky, so considering that I'm getting a cam. Call it an insurance plan for that much more to the wheel......   assuming the drivetrain holds up  :omg:

Ok, seems I've got more research to do. I will post more updates once I get more parts.

We are a small group of racers (about 20) based out of The Burnout Bar and Grill in Milliken, Colorado. The bar has an 1/8th mile dirt oval on the side and this is where most of our races are. We have a full series points system FOR RMLRA ONLY, which is for bragging rights and trophies at the end of the season.

The classes are Stock, Mini Modified, Mini Racer, Modified, Super Modified and FX.

NOTE: The Mini Racer class is unique to RMLRA because it is coordinated and sponsored by Thunderspeed RPM Racing (team of 6 with 4 racers) of Lochbuie, CO
           Information on this class will not be found in the rules below, but on our Facebook Page at

We also get together with county and city fair coordinators in the area to put on races at their events. More information on the exact location for any special event races will be posted as they get closer.

Our rules are based on Stabil but have been adapted by Dan, the group's founder, to accomodate and attract more people because we are located in rural area.

Here is the 2017 RMLRA schedule. I will upload a copy of the rules and tech afterwards.

*S indicates a special event, points are still earned in these races

-May 7th               Test and Tune Track Day @ Burnout Bar and Grill (Milliken)      2pm

-May 21st              Series Opener @ Burnout Bar and Grill (Milliken)                     2pm

-June 11th             Series Race @ Burnout Bar and Grill (Milliken)                         2pm

-July 4th (*S)         Independence Day Race Event @ Wellington, CO                  11am

-July 9th                 Series Race @ Burnout Bar and Grill (Milliken)                        2pm

-August 4th (*S)    Kersey Night Race @ Kersey, CO                                            6pm
                                   Pits open at 3pm
-August 5th (*S)    Ault Fall Festival Race @ Ault, CO                                            Time is TBD

-August 13th         Series Race @  Burnout Bar and Grill (Milliken)                         2pm

-September 10th   Series Final Race @  Burnout Bar and Grill (Milliken)                2pm

-October 8th          Challenge Race Day @  Burnout Bar and Grill (Milliken)           2pm
                                    NO POINTS

Following the races on Oct. 8th will be the trophy/ awards ceremony
  Challenge Race is an open challenge, head to head
race day where anyone can challenge (or bet) any
other racer in ANY class. Cross class challenges will have
a lap handicap based on race racers initial qualifying time.

Here is the mower I started the build with, I built and ran it last season as a super mod (their version of FXT). season before that it was a modified.,31256.0.html

@redline I'm using the "boat anchor" because it's what I've got, I'd rather spend 2,500 on the entire machine than spend the same amount on a stock new engine and suddenly i've spent 5k on the build. As for the cam, I'm not looking to go more than .050 over stock lift (I thought stock lift was around .320) because as you know alcohol requires much more compression so I don't have much clearance on the heads to work with. I'm looking at a cam from Mike with precision cams.

@BIG AL There is an affiliated organization near me that uses the stabil rules as "guidelines" for their own, because of that they created their own class of Outlaws (we call it FX) where the tech rules are much more lenient on things like engine origin, fuel type, tire size/type and overall cubic centimeters (max 1000cc). The rooster grind is a lift of .410 which is too much for the high compression heads. As for Tim Isky, I've tried to get a hold of him multiple times to see what other grinds are available but no luck.

Briggs Flathead / 18hp Oppy running Alky (engine, intake and ignition)
« on: February 28, 2017, 05:52:52 pm »
So I'm partway through building my oppy to run alcohol and I've found myself questioning some of the expenses on certain components if they are absolutely necessary.
First off im not going cheap on the build, I just want to be sure I'm justified in every expense. I already have the Arc rods, and Im ordering mod 28 pistons, wrist pins this friday. Arc billet flywheel is on the list. I am using an MSD ignition/coils with an Tillotson HL-360D Carb and custom intake (for the side draft conversion).
My questionable items are not so much major break points but more a question of performance. I'm on a bit of a time crunch as our test/tune track day is May 7th.  The biggest thing is the cam, I can see how much of an improvement the different lift would be but is it needed? has anyone every lobed or broke the stock cam? If I get a cam it'll be about 250 shipped and I'll end up reinforcing the rest of the valvetrain on it, I.E. bronze valve guides, Stainless valves stock size, stronger valve springs and billet keepers not to mention the addition machine cost if the heads need relief cuts. I believe the lift on the new cam would be around .360. I know it'll be a big power difference but how strong is the stock cam?

P.S. this is NOT just a cam thread, it's for the engine build. more questions to come as it progresses.

Post Your Video / Re: Colorado Racing Vids
« on: October 14, 2016, 10:57:41 am »
Our other track is on a private acreage property in Lochbuie Colorado

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