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Coffee Shop / Hacked account
« on: February 18, 2013, 06:29:05 pm »
If you received an email from me that was bogus, somebody has hacked my account and everything not only on heymow but everything that involves a computer. Please disregard all messages that are not purely business from me. I'm doing everything I can to get the problem solved.

This is the second of two videos given to me recently, enjoy the video.

Coffee Shop / Thank you to all!
« on: September 03, 2012, 08:59:48 am »
Now that I'm back home and the USLMRA Lawn and Garden Mower Racing Series and the U.S. Open series are done for the season, I would like to thank everyone for a truly Awesome experience.
First of all, thank you Sta-Bil and the USLMRA just for the opportunity to race in the series to start with. We don't have a Nation wide series in Canada as of yet and racing on a National level was my goal I didn't think possible since I first started racing lawn mowers. With the addition of the new classes including FXT, this made it possible for me to compete. Thank you to all the National staff- Bruce, Kerry, Manny, Rich, Rodney and Chrissy, without you none of this is possible.
Winning a National Championship is a team effort, for me it just wouldn't be possible to do on my own. I owe a big thank you to my Dad Garry Kerr aka "Grumpy" for spending countless hours on my machine while I did my best trying to make a living working on customer's heads and engines. It was almost a full time job having the machine ready to run for the next race in three different series this season.

Also a big thank you to Rich Webb, my team mate with his #3 Ryker Racing sponsored John Deere FXT. I couldn't be more proud of his acomplishments this season also. Rich talked me into running Nationally last year at Vestaburg. I think it was his dedication and drive that made me work harder contributing to my win. Thank you Rich and Chrissy for driving me all over the country and keeping me alive all summer, and everything else for that matter. I couldn't have done it without you two and that's all there is to it.

Last but not least thank you to Midwest Super Cub! MWSC is responsible for the three digit hp figures I've had the pleasure of running since the beginning of 2010. They make all the fancy billet go fast parts for your kohler command v-twin and now single cylinder command engines. Julian Stahl at Midwest made sure I got whatever I needed all season long, their partnership brought racing to a whole new level. They make parts that are proven on the race track where it counts.

Looking back there is no place I'd rather be then at the race track surrounded by all the new friends I've had the honor to meet and get to know this season. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome and part of the big family, I can't wait until next season!
Thank you to all.

Coffee Shop / Kids back to school
« on: August 29, 2012, 03:54:09 pm »
I'll be glad when the kids go back to school....... mine anyway. I just noticed that my Ford Lawn tractor sitting beside the shop has been totally stripped down to the bare frame, there isn't anything else you can take off of it.
 I normally would have flew off the handle because I know it will likely never be a lawn tractor ever again. But I was actually pretty impressed considering he is only eight years old and he didn't need my help with anything. I was inside the shop working and didn't know any of this had taken place. I asked him why he took it apart? he said he was going to rebuild it lol.
I thought it was kind of funny until I found his sisters wagon, and my bicycle, then I noticed the barbecue with no wheels on it.  Maybe the tool box for his birthday wasn't a good idea after all.
 Well I better go and see if the car still runs, its pretty quiet around here   :lol:

       As part of its 20th Anniversary, the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association is pleased to announce that the V-twin Shootout is now "The U.S. Open V-twin Shootout" and part of the U.S. open series.

The 2nd annual U.S. Open V-Twin Shootout will be held August 11th and 12th at the Vestaburg Kart Speedway in Vestaburg Michigan.  Check out

"We are thrilled to be back at the 2nd annual V-twin shootout and to have the event part of the U.S. open points series" says event co-founder Ferris Hipolite, president of the Ithica Dirt Devils in MI (a USLMRA affiliated club)

The event will again be co-hosted by the Ithica Dirt Devils and the Western Ontario Outlaws."Its one you don't want to miss" said Co-Founder Ryan Kerr of the Western Ontario Outlaws (WOO).
All of the fastest v-twins around and some of the biggest names in mower racing will be there to mix it up for the 2012 U.S. Open V-Twin Shootout TITLE! It will be the largest display of FXT/Outlaw/Supermods ever assembled. All classes and machines are welcome!
"The event will be run basically the same as last year" added Ferris "and new this year will be the FXT and open twins competing for the V-Twin Shootout Cup. There are first place trophies and the same classes as last year. We may even add or subtract a class but they will be run on the same principles as last year " We will get everyone in a class where they can compete. Its the same as last year, all mowers are welcome not just the v-twins so come on out and join us!

This will be a part of the multi-race series (U.S. Open Series) that will end on Sept. 2nd in Delaware Ohio during the Stabil Nationals Weekend.
"The real Upside is that this will draw a larger group of racers! Dave Freeman from Vestaburg is really excited about the Shootout and our group. "Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Racing Mower Builds / From Concept to Creation
« on: June 20, 2011, 09:22:46 am »

Some of you might recognize this drawing from heymow a few years back. In early 2008 I wanted to build a modern looking New Holland mower, the current hood they have is about 18 years old. I wanted to build a machine for a land speed attempt, (I'm still going to do it) but I wanted it to be a legal sanctioned class mower.
We started building the plug for the mold at Ryker Racing before the All American race in 2008, it would have been pretty wild at the time even for WOO, especially for sanctioned class racing but its real purpose was for the land speed record.
It took a few years but here is what I had rattling around in my head.

This machine has taken longer to build then any of my machines to date. It is the concept that I had visioned in my head. The New Holland mower is sponsored by Midwest Super Cub again this year. The cosmetics are not finished yet, the headlights still have to be air brushed on along with the front grill and so on. It will also have the factory hood emblem and side stripes. I'll keep everyone updated on the machine.

Briggs Flathead / opposed twin flow numbers
« on: May 19, 2011, 05:04:36 pm »
I just got the opposed twin on the flow bench because I'm going to be doing a lot of work on the flat heads in the very near future. They aren't fantastic, but better then I thought. The test engine I have on the bench now was ported by the owner so it isn't exactly bone stock. I won't get into detail but the end result was 68cfm and it fell on its face around .400" lift.  I have some bone stock engines coming so I'll test one of those, it should be considerably less than this engine.
Now I have to get to work to make this engine breath, I can't post those end results, those are for the owner only.

Kohler Engines / Kohler command head flow numbers
« on: September 20, 2010, 06:15:50 pm »
We have to get this Kohler section lit up on the board here,
 I thought I would post some flow numbers out of a brand new, out of the box stock casting with absolutely no porting at all done to it. Every modification done is with puddy, or done to the valve, the head casting has not been ground or touched. All tests were done at 28WC.
The head is a 30hp Kohler command head.
Stock baseline test on intake port.            88cfm @.500"
The next test was done after the guide was pressed up leaving less then 1/8" exposed in the port:
The next test was done after the stock intake valve was reshaped and swirl polished.
                                                              90.9cfm @.600"
The next test was done after the area around the guide was filled in with puddy on the roof of the port, at first a couple cfm was lost but after trying a few different shapes and removing some puddy it showed a huge improvement. A lot of time was spent here trying different things.

Then the floor was raised and reshaped with more puddy and showed another big improvement.


That is a huge improvement over the baseline readings, I thought it would be interesting to share the results before we start to do some serious port work on these heads.

Post Your Video / WOO Outlaw class feature at SMS July 17th 2010
« on: August 07, 2010, 03:24:34 pm »
Here is a link to our Western Ontario Outlaw feature race for the outlaw class at the Stonehouse Mower Speedway in Petrolia Ontario Canada. I'm driving the Midwest Super Cub sponsored #21 Outlaw cub cadet with a Kohler Command v-twin. We usually race at night on this track. Turn it up and enjoy

Racing Mower Builds / Ryker Racing 2010 Outlaw assembly
« on: March 10, 2010, 01:28:37 pm »
The frame has been done for some time, just trying to get it together for the autorama show in a couple weeks, its posted on our WOO site but thought I would post some pics on here too. Its good to see all these new supermod/outlaw builds on here. Maybe there are some ideas that some guys could use if they are planning on building one soon.

I'll update as I get more parts bolted on.
I'm waiting to do the official unveiling with my new sponsor when it is all complete and have the pictures taken at the autorama show.

Post your Pics! / 2009 WOO Outlaw/Super Mod
« on: May 06, 2009, 09:22:55 pm »
I had to do something to make it look different for this year since I'm running last years machine again.

I went to the hardware store and bought a couple cans of cheap $3.99 spray paint, now its ready for another season :D    I still have to put the flames on off of the top of the #21 but they are vynel.

Post your Pics! / 2009 WOO Jr. mower
« on: May 04, 2009, 08:47:47 pm »
5 year old Zander Kerr is ready to race, he just needs a pair of small blue kart gloves..............anybody know of a good kart shop in TN? :lol:

Its only 3.5hp but he's gonna use em all :D      I might have to borrow it for a back up for my outlaw machine.
I just weighed it in at 128lbs race ready.

Post your Pics! / WOO Junior class
« on: March 07, 2009, 06:26:58 pm »
My 4 year old boy Zander took his new machine for his first test drive today before we take it apart for paint. He was driving around the back yard like he's been doing it for four years :D   We have a new junior class in WOO for 09 with a min age of 4. Watching him drive around was priceless, I can't wait to see a whole group of them. They look like 1/2 scale outlaw machines, its powered by a 3.5hp briggs push mower engine.

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