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Look, I know oppys are now dinosaurs for you racers, but for us offroad tractor guys its a cheap, torquey option that works very well for what we do.
Been acquiring parts and will be starting a build soon. Complete 46CI pressure lube vertical engine, a horizontal cam cover, pump, sump, etc..  and recently scored an ARC wheel, rods, AVS pistons, and Precision 212alt cam. Yes it will be flipped horizontal. Intake is an early 2 piece, massaged, 1" tall adapter and a 27hp Kohler command 'pumper' carb on top, and 2:1 header, all are currently on the stock internal 18hp powering it right now. They both work very well- the carb made a day and night difference in power.
Since im much more concerned with low/midrange grunt than a top end screamer, how do you feel about this cam versus the stock 46ci? I have the ability to knock some base circle off the stocker, as well as all the equipment necessary to play with porting, decking/milling, valves, seats and angles, etc...
How about trading a bit of airflow for a boost in compression, a big oppy no no....
Come on, most of these things arent even raced anymore, you guys can give me some direction without giving away secrets cant ya? Ha.

Want To Buy / Who Has It? / Briggs oppy pressure lube sump and cover
« on: August 04, 2021, 06:30:32 am »
Looking for a pressure lube side cover and sump/pan for a horizontal opposed Briggs.

Not sure how many of you racers still play with oppys, but they're not uncommon with the offroad tractor crowd, myself included. I've been working with CGU to get a program done to cut these gaskets, and they are now ready and perfect!
Thicknesses available from .016-.125.

Want To Buy / Who Has It? / WTB Briggs model 42 billet wheel, rods
« on: July 13, 2021, 10:15:57 am »
Looking for a good used set of billet rods and flywheel for my 18hp opposed Briggs.

Newcomers / New guy, Oppy freak
« on: July 13, 2021, 10:12:24 am »
Glad I found this place. I run an old Wheel Horse tractor, set up for offroad/trail riding, and just replaced the Kohler K321 with an 18hp Briggs- fully ported, oiling mods, bumped timing, Kohler command 25hp 'pumper' carb and a 2:1 pipe. Hoping to gain some more info here, and also hoping to score a used billet flywheel and rods for it.
Thanks in advance!

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