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Other Interesting Builds / Mutant turtle, snapper mudmower.
« on: September 10, 2022, 01:13:36 am »
Copy pasta from atltf as I have been working on this for a while.
I did leave out some posts on plans and drawings for future plans like the front end and suspension.
So here goes..

already started this a while back but considering I am going to do some upgrades I might as well bundle it up in here.

This is where it started, a customer of ours decided that they didn't want to invest money in to it after having it in storage for 10 years

I asked my boss if I could perhaps take it to fix it back up again and so we got her on the healing bench

Colour really came back to life.. bit it was going to need some polish.
Other than that I got her running just enough to get her home.
Carb was absolutely shot after sitting for all those years.

I got it driving long enough to get it the 5 minutes to my home with a carb that kept flooding and a janky used battery from the scrap pile

After her first clean she looked a whole lot better but o just wanted to see how far I could take it

Polish polish and more polish

Chinesium carb was sort of a bust but a decent parts donor for 13 USD

First time out for a proper test drive

With the engine sorted and not much of a plan I just stuck with atleast fixing the cosmetic issues.
Removed all old stickers and replaced the anti slip tape. I also put it in the centre section as it always kind of bothers me that that gets damaged and I could hide some damage that way as well

Well I know that I will change the transaxle but I'll have some fun in the meantime.
I had ordered a smaller pulley and a belt already and since my belt is 1 stick away from breaking I'll just do it now.

Hydro gear transaxles are actually really adaptable and perhaps even better than most peerless when it comes to parts IF you have experience with them.
Also very helpful company if you are looking for advice or parts.

So this is that access hole I was talking about.

Even with the steering wheel and shaft out you would still need to remove the entire console and pedal assembly to even remove the pan so no thanks

Been a while, finished the gear a while back but really didn't have any time for it so far
Have been working half days because I had too many paid time off so I decided to have a go at it at work.

Main issue I had is that this gear wants to be in reverse but the short chassis didn't allow me to turn it.
I was pondering over welding something up but my lazy :censored: couldn't be bothered.
Co-worker removed a gear from a Deere x350 and.. wait.. hol up..

Stole the subframe from under his nose, drilled some 12mm holes in the snapper and tada.
Needs a little work yet but this should be plenty strong and most of all a good upgrade to the original mounting brackets.

Briggs OHV & Vanguard / Heavy duty starter bolt
« on: September 10, 2022, 12:37:41 am »
Does anybody happen know the exact size for the starter bolts that go on a heavy duty starter?
I found a Briggs part number a JD part number but not a single size mentioned.

Iam not in the u.s. so I don't have the luxury of grabbing Imperial bolts off the shelf and need to order them online

Briggs OHV & Vanguard / Briggs 28 31 single ohv lash caps
« on: September 09, 2022, 12:13:19 pm »
Iam building an engine for an off road mower out of a 31ci intek.
I have had the head milled a measly 0.01 but did put in a steel pushrod on the intake side.
This makes the geometry slightly out of whack.

Does anybody know what lash caps are on the stock engine and if so does anyone know what thickness I could put in instead to get the geometry looking a bit better?
In any case it would be helpful if someone could tell me what the thickness of the top part is because I don't have a micrometer on hand

Thanks, tim

Want To Buy / Who Has It? / WTB various Briggs 28 31 ohv AVS go fast bits
« on: September 09, 2022, 12:03:04 pm »
Looking for various parts for my engine.

-roller rockers
-non stock cam.

Also interested in any other non stock parts.

Thanks, tim

Driveline / Hydrostatic transmission hydro-gear
« on: May 01, 2022, 03:25:41 pm »
So iam doing a build which involves a standard hydro gear.
Let me firstly be clear that this is simply a fun project.

My snapper lt175 comes with a hydro gear which has an 8cc motor and a 10cc pump.
Firstly I want to swap the 10cc pump out with a 12 which should fit just fine.

Secondly I am swapping gears to get the reduction way down from 25:1 to about 21:1

Thirdly I am swapping the rear pulley from 5 to 4 inch.

Last but not least I will change the tire size from 18 to 22 inch.

So now I am wondering what is left to think about.
I know I am not going to make a speed demon but I want to be able to get the most out of this setup.
Anyone have tips to get the efficiency up? I also thought about perhaps adding an oil cooler to the transaxle for instance.

Any tips would be welcome.

Want To Buy / Who Has It? / WTB vanguard 38ci heads
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:40:36 pm »
Looking for a pair of 38ci heads, condition is not important

Building a 35ci bored to 38ci from the ground up and need all the parts especially a billet flywheel.

Let me know if you have anything


Briggs OHV & Vanguard / Briggs 23hp build
« on: October 22, 2018, 10:03:51 am »
Iam not here for a racing mower build but figured I'd go to the professional's here.

Iam a john deere mechanic looking to get a few more horsepower out of my 18hp gator
I've already decided to punch out the block to fit the 40ci intek pistons.
Then put the rest of a 23hp in and a 35hp carb as a cherry on top

Just a few things: do I need the rods from the 18/20hp or the 23 to fit the intek piston wrist pins?
Iam not getting billet rods in atm if it breaks it breaks and we go oversized with new sleeves.

Also is it possible or advisable to advance the timing gear on the 23hp?
Have heard it being done on the 20 but don't know for sure.

Also tips to improve on the engine are welcome.
Would love to add a better oil pump if possible but don't know if there is maybe an electrical oil pump that's good?

ive got parts galore like a kid in a candy shop but just don't know what goes where to make the best engine

Thanks in advance

Racing Mower Builds / Snapper racing mower build
« on: February 08, 2018, 01:25:26 pm »
Hey guys,

Iam starting this topic off a little different than usual
Iam a mechanic for an importer of john deere snapper ferris etc and the whole 9 yards.
Now just last week I got spurred on by my wife to make a racing mower.
I got my eyes on a snapper carcass we have lying around in the junkyard so I know what my base is going to be.

Now before I can start taking any pictures I need some guidance on what parts I need.
I know Iam going for a live kart axle as all mowers we have are hydros
ill take an ragb from a john deere deck
Iam going 4 inch rims front 6 inch rear and turf tyres to keep it sort of looking like the original thing.

Other than that I need a shopping list of what Iam going to need for a live axle so I can order my things if anyone can help me with that

Also, what engine is the best I can take? We mostly have briggs and kawasakis lying around.
I was thinking a briggs v twin?

Thanks in advance

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