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Briggs Flathead / Barn Fresh Briggs Flatheads available
« on: October 07, 2021, 10:37:40 am »
I have several (10) stock, unmolested briggs 28ci flatheads available

$40 + shipping.. (I accept cash/paypal)

The more you buy the cheaper they get..

Let me know they will go to scrap at the end of the year..

The Minnesota Lawn Mower Racing Association is looking into hosting a 2 day event in central and southwest Minnesota on the first (or second) weekend in October.
The class structure will be based on the USLMRA rule book but all racers that pass a basic safety tech will be placed somewhere..

One Evening (Saturday) race and one Noon (Sunday) race.

Primitive accommodations (porta-potty) available for those wishing to camp overnight in the pits.

The events will be held at established go kart tracks, meaning that along with the facility advantages of racing at a kart track there will be insurance and entry fee's for both days.
These will be announced when we determine if there is enough interest to pursue this event.

Currently there are 20+ local racers committed to this event. Let me know if you would like to join us !!!

Lee Vine
MNLMRA Co-Founder, and current Secretary

Coffee Shop / grass cutter/snowblower question...
« on: December 10, 2013, 11:19:22 pm »
I was on a few weeks back looking for a model # for an MTD with a vari-drive. I didn't have but a picture of the one I have and I needed a model Number so I could get drive belts.

Someone here was nice enough to take a look and identified it for me and I was able to get belts. I mowed all summer and it worked great.

But now I have attached a 2 stage snow blower to it and well it's not working so great...

My problem is when I run in to a load, say like when I am about 1/2 way down the drive way with about 4 inches of snow on it, the mower just slows to a stop. If I remove the load and play around with the F-N-R knob and move it between speeds eventually it starts moving again.

Sometimes it does it even without a load. I was just trying to get up the slight incline of my driveway and it stopped on me.

I am assuming that even though I got a model number and assumed it was correct it might have been off a bit and I have the wrong belt or belts?

I am assuming that one or both are too long from the way it's acting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Coffee Shop / Cutting Mower Question
« on: May 11, 2012, 11:10:12 pm »
I will spare you all of the gorey details, in a nutshell..

Little Cub Cadet 1027 (MTD Yard Bug)
I replaced the 2 drive belts and now the silly thing wants to creep fwd/reverse when in gear.
Parts tree says the belts (2) are a MTD 754-0453, 954-0453 which is 5/8 x 36 so, that's what I got and put on..

It's a vari-drive system and the belts seem to be tight all the time even when in neutral

i can't leave it like this the brakes will not hold it when in gear and it won't come out of gear like this.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Coffee Shop / FXS/T,Supermod Single/Twin build question(s)
« on: February 24, 2012, 10:32:12 am »
Question #1. How do you determine placement of the engine (Front to Back) on the frame?

Do you put it:
- as far back as possible?
- center it in the frame front to back ?
- depends on weight of the driver?

What is the best way to do this?

Tecumseh Engines / Information needed..
« on: November 19, 2011, 07:53:59 pm »
Can anyone help me find the PN for 2 different Tecumseh head gaskets please?

I have 2 snowblowers with Tech engines:

a 5hp Flathead
Model # 143.045003 engine family 3TPXS 195 1BF  195cc


a 5.5hp Ohv

Model # OHSK55 69513B   Engine Family VTP195U1GIRD

Thanks in advance...

Coffee Shop / Cutting Mower Question ...
« on: January 24, 2011, 10:27:12 pm »
What year was this MTD mower made?
Model 13AO672G129
SN 1D262B40172

I have looked for an hr now and can't find it anywhere on the net...
I can find manuals and replacement parts but not when it was made...

Thanks in advance

USLMRA Races / Water Wedgies !!!!
« on: July 01, 2010, 11:07:52 am »
For those of you planning on attending The Minnesota Mow Down July 31st in Anoka, Mn (the last USLMRA National Race in the midwest for 2010), Staying at the Grand Rios will be the icing on the cake.

I have been to the Grand Rios Water Park several times and I can tell you without a doubt that the giant hot tub is going to feel so good at the end of a great day of racing.

While our kids run amuck in the rest of the water park we can enjoy a bit of "me" time and recover from a day of hard charging no holds barred USLMRA mower racing at the Anoka County Fair.

For those of you that still have a bit of energy to burn off there are plenty of Adult sized water slides and a Tornado slide that are sure to please as well, Water Wedgies for everyone !!!

The Grand Rios and the Anoka County Fair (did I mention 45 minutes to Mall of America) are a great way to spend a weekend in Minnesota some might even consider coming a day early and make it a family vacation !


Thanks to the efforts of racer Brian Darmer and Minnesota Chapter President Lee Vine, the USLMRA has obtained an awesome deal at the Grand Rios Indoor Water Park for the July 31 STA-BIL Series US Double Header Race Day in Anoka, MN:

The Grand Rios Indoor Water Park Hotel
6900 Lakeland Ave. North
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
Phone: 763-566-8855
Fax: 763-566-8856

Web site:

Amber Ellison
Sales & Catering Coordinator
Phone: 763-367-5843
Fax: 763-566-8856

Here is the deal:

Friday and Saturday nights, July 30-31

15 standard rooms with two (2) 2 queen beds: $79.00 w/out water park passes; $109.00 with water park passes

5 standard rooms with one (1) king bed: $79.00 w/out water park passes; $109.00 with water park passes

20 poolside doubles: $89.00 w/out water park passes; $119.00 with water park passes

3 poolside kings: $89.00 w/out water park passes; $119.00 with water park passes


The Fire breathing, Sod Slinging racing lawn mowers of the USLMRA will return once again to Minnesota as the USLMRA Sta-Bil Keeps Gass Fresh National Series makes Stop #8 on its 10 race series.

July 31, Anoka, Minnesota, the STA-BIL Minnesota Mow Down at the Anoka County Fair wll be the site of a 1 day USLMRA National Points double header.

There will be 2 complete USLMRA Points races (Matenee and Evening) on Saturday July 2nd
Race Contact: Lee Vine

Our Official Event Sponsor for the Sta-Bil Minnesota Mow Down is the Grand Rios Water Park.
We just had our MNLMRA Banquet there and the place rocks !!
The hotel, the water park the bar (ahem) restaruant...
Overall rating was a 9 out of 10 from those that filled out the survey.
As official event sponsor, the Grand Rios (a RAMADA Property) is giving us great rates on lodging and water park passes for the weekend.
The Grand Rios is only 10 minutes straight down the road from the Anoka County Fairgrounds Get your reservations as soon as you can rooms are filling up quick.

Grand Rios - 763-566-8855

USLMRA Races / USLMRA Racer Program 2010
« on: March 02, 2010, 10:10:02 am »
I am taking on a little project for the USLMRA that we have done here in Minnesota for years.

Based on a design I have used since 2005, I am creating an event program that you can use to promote your event.

These programs will be designed so they can be used at any event.

I need you to submit:
a clear color picture of you on your mower action or still.
Information you wish to share:
Marital Status (Wife Kids)
Special Thanks

It works out to approximately a 3x5 space in the program

Send to:

USLMRA Races / MNLMRA Season Finals - Sunday Aug 23rd, Caledonia, Mn
« on: August 21, 2009, 11:25:27 am »
Sunday..... Sunday.... Sunday .....
That's right folks the MNLMRA 2009 season is coming to a close this Sunday at the Houston County Fair in Caledonia Minnesota....

Where the heck is Caledonia Mn?

It's in the south eastern corner of Mn 8 miles north of Iowa and 8 miles west of Wisconsin !

We have some pretty tight points races that will be decided sunday afternoon..

AP class has Samantha Stys leading but Cody Helgeson, Luke Kuusinen, Jere Heineman and Dave Stratton are all within striking distance and could take her first MNLMRA AP championship away.

Tim Luell leads the SP points race with Shannon Kayhart, John Balzor and Ron Larson all threatening to take his first MNLMRA championship home with them.

Brent Purdy has a commanding lead in BP but Robert Sparbel and Rich Bohlman will have something to say about that to be sure...

Robert Sparbel leads the FX charge with Jere Heineman Josh Havlik and Rich Bohlman all within striking distance of him as well....

All roads lead to Caledonia for the MNLMRA 2009 finale there....

USLMRA Races / Next Up Houston County Fair- Caledonia, Mn
« on: August 11, 2009, 10:59:57 am »
Houston County Fair
Caledonia, Mn
Sunday,Aug 23rd 2009

Way South Way east Minnesota.

Tech and Registration at 10:00
Drivers to draw for starting positions in heat race

Practice at 11:30

Race at 1:00

Tow $$ available per driver

Jeremy, one of the fairboard members has offered a place to camp for anyone wishing to do so Saturday evening.

Trophies to top 3 in each class JP IMOW AP SP CP BP FX

Confirmed Race Teams for this Event:

Dave Stratton's Mower Addiction Racing Team - Dave "Superman" Stratton has created an awesome team of 8+ racing mowers with as many as 4 drivers in 7 classes, to challenge the region's best.

"Mr. Whatever" - Jason Hughes a top BP class performer is always fun to watch, although he is a bit tough on hay bales. Jason has been known to make his own way around the track if you know what I mean....

Jason's son Blase Gruber is currently tied for 3rd in his rookie IMOW season. Blase raced JP in 08' and has moved up to race with the big boys.

R&T Racing - featuring Robert Sparbel and Tim Luell. Robert and Tim have raced with the nations best on the USLMRA National Lawn Mower Racing Circut. Robert is currently second in BP and leading the MNLMRA FX class points and Tim is 4th in FX and leading the SP class points chase.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder Racing -
Al Minaker is poised for a breakout performance. The AMB Team has been plagued with broken parts and bad luck in the MNLMRA series this year, but Al assures us that Caledonia will be the turning point for his FX class mower.

Parkwood Racing - Lee Vine has also been the recipient of some back luck this year. Broken parts and tight timeframes have hindered this teams efforts on the 2009 MNLMRA series. Usually a front runner in SP and BP

The Mow-Rangers-Jere "Dude Mow" Heineman, Andy"Mow-Dawg" & Brian Tronnes, Richard "Crash" Bohlman, Cody Helgeson and Luke Kuusinen will be making the 5+hr pilgramage to Caledonia for the last race of the season. Cody and Luke, both rookies, are looking to knock off Samantha Syts from Wisconsin, to take home thier first ever championship. These guys are good but Sammy is FAST !!!!

Mow-Lett Racing- Brian Darmer a second year IMOW racer is chasing down Past champion Mike Bliss. Brian has had his share of "difficulties" keeping him from the checkered but he assures me that the Mow-let is trimmed and ready to race.....

Bliss Mower-sports
- Mike Bliss - Past IMOW champion has held off all competitors this year to lead the points chase. Proving that consistency wins championships Mike has been rock solid in 2009.

2009 points,148.0.html

....Stay tuned there is more to come....

Just added..

Team Lusty Monkey Commander Shannon Kayhart is comin' bringin' the SP and Imow. "The SP has been running awfully competitive so we want to keep the streak going". Shannon is running 2nd in SP points.

USLMRA Races / Boarder Wars - (Minnesota vs Wisconsin)
« on: April 17, 2009, 11:34:28 pm »
Leg #1
Friday 7/31/09
Washington County Fair
Lake Elmo ,MN

Tech/Registration starts at 5:00 (or earlier if tech can get there earlier)
Drivers will draw for starting position in heat races at registration.

Practice at 6:00 (by class 5 laps ea)

7:00 start time (gotta be done by 9:00 - no lights on track)
(If I can get some light plants sponsored we will run later)

Free camping is available on site but no hook-ups and no fires on the ground allowed.

Insurance covered by venue
$50 per driver tow is being offered

Gate fee for fair to be paid by all entrants to the fair $8 (sorry I can't do anything about that)

Leg #2
Olmstead County Fair
Rochester, MN.

Tech/Registration starts at 10:00am (or earlier if tech can get there earlier)
Drivers will draw for starting position in heat race (per class) at registration
Practice at 11:00 (by class 5 laps ea)
12:00 start time (gotta be done by 2:00 - another event to follow us)

Insurance covered by MNLMRA
$100 per driver tow is being offered

Gate fee for fair to be waived for all racers and 1 pit/crew member.

Leg #3
Sunday Aug 2nd.

Polk County Fair
St. Croix, WI

Tech/Registration starts at 7:00 am (or earlier if tech can get there earlier)
IMOW Drivers will draw for starting position in heat races at registration.

Practice at 9:00 (by class 5 laps ea)
Qualifying start time 10:00

Insurance covered by WILMRA
$50 per driver tow is being offered

Gate fee - Driver and 1 pit free all others 5.00


Individual Points:

Points will be awarded in the same manor as usual for both associations however, drivers competing in this series of races will recieve points in both associations for each race.

For example:
If you place 1st in your class feature friday evening, you will recieve 600 pts in both the MNLMRA and WILMRA points series for 2009. 
Then you place 3rd in your class feature Saturday afternoon, you recieve an additional 500 points in both the MNLMRA and WILMRA points series for 2009. 
And finally, on Sunday afternoon you recieve qualifying, heat and feature points in both the MNLMRA and WILMRA points series for 2009. 

Cumulative Points - individual 
An overall points leader for the weekend will be recognized per class

Cumulative Points - Organization
The most points accumulated by ether association will earn that organization a 4+ ft tall bragging rights trophy to be awarded Stanley Cup Style to that association for the year....

Drivers earn points for thier association by placing in the one of the top 5 positions in each class

For example:
1. MN Driver (600pts)
2. MN Driver (550pts)
3. MN Driver (500 pts)
4. WI Driver (400 pts)
5. WI Driver (400 pts)
MN 1650pts -  WI 950pts

1. MN Driver (600pts)
2. MN Driver (550pts)
3. MN Driver (500 pts)
4. WI Driver (400 pts)
5. WI Driver (400 pts)
MN 1650pts -  WI 950pts

1. MN Driver (600pts)
2. MN Driver (550pts)
3. MN Driver (500 pts)
4. WI Driver (400 pts)
5. WI Driver (400 pts)
MN 1650pts -  WI 950pts

1. MN Driver (600pts)
2. MN Driver (550pts)
3. MN Driver (500 pts)
4. WI Driver (400 pts)
5. WI Driver (400 pts)
MN 1650pts -  WI 950pts

1. MN Driver (600pts)
2. MN Driver (550pts)
3. MN Driver (500 pts)
4. WI Driver (400 pts)
5. WI Driver (400 pts)
MN 1650pts -  WI 950pts

1. MN Driver (600pts)
2. MN Driver (550pts)
3. MN Driver (500 pts)
4. WI Driver (400 pts)
5. WI Driver (400 pts)
MN 1650pts -  WI 950pts

1. MN Driver (600pts)
2. MN Driver (550pts)
3. MN Driver (500 pts)
4. WI Driver (450 pts)
5. WI Driver (400 pts)
MN 1650pts -  WI 950pts

MN 11550 - WI 6650 Pts for event #1 the same goes for evnt #2 and #3 the most points at the end of the weekend is declared the winner.

"MNLMRA Team Roster"
Thus far we have:

Ben Carrier
(Driver to be revealed later)

Mike Bliss
Brian Darmer
Lee Vine
Dave Stratton (possible sub driver)
Robert Sparbel
Blaise ?

Jere Heineman
Donna Helgeson
Dave Stratton
Jason Hughes

Dave Stratton
Lee Vine
Gene ?
Tim Luell
Justin Wulf

Dave Stratton
(Driver to be revealed later)
(Driver to be revealed later)

Jason Hughes
Dave Stratton
Lee Vine
Robert Sparbel
Richard Bohlman
(Driver to be revealed later)
(Driver to be revealed later)

Jere Heineman
Andy Tronnes
Dave Stratton
Brian Tronnes
Richard Bohlman
Robert Sparbel
Tim Luell
(Driver to be revealed later)

WILMRA Team Roster  TBA"

The Minnesota Federation of County Fairs Convention was held this weekend and we have some very good prospects. We are also working with our brothern to the east to possibly jointly host some events this summer...

Saturday - June 27 - ADA, MN - Norman County Fair - Afternoon/evening (poss 2x) Tentitive
Saturday - June 27 Ellsworth WI - Cheese Curd Days - (Joint Venture w/WILMRA)Tentitive
Thursday - July 23 - Anoka, MN - Anoka County Fair - 7:00 pm start Tentitive

--------------------------------------Same Day Double Header !--------------------------------
Saturday - Aug 2 - St. Croix WI - St.Croix County Fair - 10:00 Start (Joint Venture w/WILMRA) Tentitive
Saturday - Aug 2 - Rochester, MN - Olmstead County Fair - Evening 7:00 Start Tentitive
(These 2 venues are 2.5 hr apart.)
Calling all IOWA, Wisconsin and Illinois Racers !!!

Sunday - Aug 23 - Caledonia, MN - Houston County Fair - 1:00 Start - Confirmed

Caledonia, MN is only 9 miles north of Iowa and 9 miles west of Wisconsin in the Southeast corner of Minnesota.

Caledonia to :
Cedar Rapids IA 145 mi
Rockford Il 232 mi
Madison, WI 165mi
Eau Claire, WI 113mi

We are considering opening this event up to groups not affiliated with, as well as USLMRA but I need feedback from groups that will make the commitment so I know how to procede trophies etc etc etc....

USLMRA Races / MNLMRA teams up with Stud Club and goes ice racing !!!!
« on: November 25, 2008, 03:02:00 pm »
I am proud to announce that the MNLMRA has joined up with Stud Club ( for a 4 race series in January and February.
Details are forthcomming but here is what the schedule looks like as of today.

1/10/09 Big Lake - Cloquet, Mn
1/24/09 Big Lake - Cloquet, Mn
2/28/09 Lake Mille Lacs, - Garrison, Mn
3/1/09 Lake Mille Lacs, - Garrison, Mn

Class structure and Rules are the same as always (USLMRA with only one difference studded tires.
While we are not going to govern stud pattern or quantity a good rule of thumb is 1 per lug depending on tire tread.

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