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USLMRA Races / 2020 STA-BIL US National Points Series
« on: March 05, 2020, 11:36:40 am »
2020 STA-BIL US National Points Series

Formed on April Fool’s Day, 1992, the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA) is the nation’s oldest and largest National Lawn Mower Racing Sanctioning Body. More than 500 USLMRA racers compete nationwide in four racing tiers including the 10-event STA-BIL National US Points Series, Regional Traveling Chapters, Local Home Track Affiliate Clubs and Racing Exhibitions.

The USLMRA sanctions 20 Local Chapters and Affiliated Clubs who present more than 100 sanctioned races for local race tracks, fairs, non-profit groups and municipalities in 30 states year-round.

Lawnmowers race in 10 classes with all cutting blades removed:  Stock  (10 mph), IMOW (20 mph), Prepared (50 mph) and Factory Experimental (60 mph).  Racers compete for trophies, points and bragging rights, never for purse money.

The National Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame located at Miller Lawn & Power Equipment, Marion, Ohio.


Cutting Edge Blog Post

Facebook Events on USLMRA Racebook Page

June 26-27, 2020

Rocky Creek Kartway, Great Falls, South Carolina

Hosted By Carolina Mower Racing

June 26-27, 2020

Lakes Jam, Brainerd, Minnesota

Hosted By MNLMRA Championship Series (Minnesota Lawn Mower Racing Association)

July 4-5, 2020

Wamic. Oregon

Hosted by Sportsman’s Grasscar Gcr  at Sportsman’s Pub & Grub

July 11, 2020

Warren, Illinois

Hosted by Old School Racers (AKA Apple River Mowtor Speedway on Facebook)

July 25, 2020

Nunnelly, TN

Hosted by BTMRA Bama_Tenn Mower Racing Assn. and Keg County Kowboys

August 14, 2020

Clovis, New Mexico

Hosted By United States Lawn Mower Racing Association

September 5, 2020

STA-BIL US National Points Finals,

Sportsman’s Pub & Grub, Wamic, Oregon

Hosted by Sportsman’s Grasscar Gcr

USLMRA Races / 2020 USLMRA Rulebook
« on: February 03, 2020, 04:55:44 pm »

2020 USLMRA Rule Book is now published.[0]=68.ARAHDF5o8pBWOt265UbXQJ1xixt7aFs4kaEfPvVA0dGjDLfFBE519x_POI_Rz-JPTGOuL0c8cQLpswRNsOGPugw_tIBotfAyUZsH4zO8E6cxqvmRxckH8_zMzXfU7TLcFC59sHNll1qQyPt5LgekG0Xe_Ncli9mBgMNvj1rHplIQrtOlsWOJBZpFojEaRVUyk0E8tekXdW9fPyKiY2BxYVnaQ4UOEtO-0DKTpCtAfNBpersyV6IDoQlcQyGQGUz7tcSFXrCne2panGX_ReG0OwgE19_I7MgphSXa3OcEwPkzigUV1spJ_Ye3Zai-WlLO2mtnTnRb0BgyfLGwtg&__tn__=-R

Coffee Shop / Re: USLMRA 25th Anniversary! #LetsMow25
« on: November 19, 2019, 10:02:51 am »[0]=68.ARA5X-CRhd7Do8VY8G-Jy2GoTqSirLxzDvqq98iC1EgwRKVbmNTA-nb8sbTF13mgyfOZaqHiBF42SBwgWUk4KFqnV-_g-EJvMJA8zdbtGOY-D0B0xJo89wTvTq1jNPsmrZjaYrwTHarcifzr5qze7Sl4GI-NUSki6zr8p3wiRsU1DHm812mY9SWDGEeDdVQC6OVYoahCXPGbJTG3nu8fv06M2CCOQ4XKWNE56MLFbnWRsK9C0hD1Twj7QqlIfStY72DssukHIEacCV8MGwjPiDkkqRMz_JQJ-KK-fjM6KHHaN4rOeoqIriPRrU3iv0wjDsfm3-wHifWp40RQQw&__tn__=-R

USLMRA Races / 2020 USLMRA Membership
« on: November 11, 2019, 05:14:21 pm »

USLMRA Membership Application

Attention Racers!

If you are having difficulties registering online for USLMRA membership, please contact the USLMRA office at 251-645-2942.
The USLMRA will be able to assist you with online registration via phone.

Please DO NOT REGISTER multiple times, as your credit card is charged each time you enter your account number.

Your annual membership is valid from Labor Day to Labor Day.

2019 Special & Honorary Award Winners[0]=68.ARAcxTkw8yRRhVZ6QclFV6ZA18rBeHk8TtqPuuJ9m-xv4JUFDzGihTEnmIx77K5W0vvk_-g_NpAoflor3mVpsJcmePNhW0oBf8_qD6NaCR_K4rKw-6rkQ7K8n5cvgW15P1mtKBOHtRWiFMnIHZdr9K9j3Gco1fXXpdU6h8k47xbotvRvoWsaZHO2wWtSwLcujdGssJIxcEIrz7ee34C0PMODt0dWfLtEaRNwbiVojlweqAj7ydYVVzqH5oUKEd6PexOCTlnf0SI5RdTqBa-VI-M-1woc_Y9LdVgH9b4idTVPQvZFiWIqIIU5Gh_3Rn_7gOWrirawd6kLVxmhyw&__tn__=-R

2019 STA-BIL Series USLMRA National Points Champions[0]=68.ARCQ4EwSyQOsE7NFgyATqMUg9NgM-qYBXOcGCOV3DYgiLEdodzUEvF7iGJWdeWb3Fl-q3qTa1hJfQ7bzJAS1nLAzCUHtfIPY_rEVBF_yDTb6dUW3cPA6r3J5vemwXB5fzU6R_BAzXl771J9bgj1MDIGMiRtO1GJmMwftERzZN5SuLF-H_7J7fHc7Nq_fRkj9B3ZuoU_YyLUkFf5VhMSxDpay-ItQBRKmQx2qcdKTQYhziQYb3ZoFqA-62PZombryAlp2TI1D5wo23jNyFnALEch1jspy140cz4Ao4nCzJWXQzuSfKXdsGsFZjzeiHvwRI2z9u47tdpG3N-lnpg&__tn__=-R

Throwback Thursday!  Here is a proMOW video from when the STA-BIL Nationals were held at River Bottom Raceway in 2017 for USLMRA 25th Anniversary.

We look forward to returning to Carlisle, Iowa!

Coffee Shop / Turbo Tim Clark: Catch Me If You Can!
« on: July 29, 2019, 05:38:56 pm »
Turbo Tim Clark: Catch Me If You Can!

From the USLMRA Cutting Edge Blog at

By Angeline Robinson

I had the great pleasure of meeting Turbo Timmy last year in Arkansas at the final race of the season. He absolutely stole my heart last September. I have since followed Tim’s story via his mom, @Kathleen Jane Clark and Dad, F/X-S racer @Gerry Clark. Timmy has spastic cerebral palsy, high functioning autism and severe failure to thrive. He is 11 years old but is the size of an average 6-year-old. Neither lack of size nor handicaps stops Timmy from doing exactly what his heart desires: Lawn Mower Racing!

His dad Gerry has worked for almost a year modifying a racing lawnmower that he and Tim could mow on together. It is finally complete, and Turbo Tim was able to make his grand debut in at the STA-BIL Midwest Mowfest in Claremore, Oklahoma in the summer of 2019.  It was a super special mowment as Tim’s friends rallied around him and watched him drive his new mower to victory lane!

Here are some awesome pictures of Turbo Tim in action.

Tim was over the moon excited to finally fulfill his dream! Kathleen, Gerry, Tim, and their family had a huge milestone exactly one week before the big race, Timmy was adopted by the Clark’s and he then asked the judge to become Turbo Tim Clark! It was an amazing mowment, with the grandest of celebrations surrounded by real family and mower racing family! I am honored to know and love Turbo Tim Clark, I cannot wait to share more memories with him!

Thank you, Kathleen and Gerry, for allowing us to love Turbo Tim!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have some HUGE news!!!

NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee, Bobby Labonte will be joining us for our Carolina MowDown on July 19. Bobby will be driving one of the RobbinDreams Mowersports lawn mowers for this event!
Please join us in welcoming Bobby to our MOWER family!

United States Lawn Mower Racing Association

Ladies and gentlemen, we have some HUGE news!!!

NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee, Bobby Labonte will be joining us for our Carolina MowDown on July 19. Bobby will be driving one of the RobbinDreams Mowersports lawn mowers for this event!
Please join us in welcoming Bobby to our MOWER family!

United States Lawn Mower Racing Association

USLMRA Races / Re: June 21-22 2019 Midwest Mowfest, Claremore, OK
« on: July 08, 2019, 06:52:01 pm »
Event Recap from the Cutting Edge Blog[0]=68.ARAMEnMxuOR4-MWrPSz9fQTEYaUyASsHRPS8QnRjPdWEDrlR5H45vht0mCln7Z0yP7GJe4yqernl1VvA8AX1oKkcBEogRkFdeA9drk2r1VgKApFZY2rBJelzPiEGsRsybbNWPrKTlijpKJx0RtP3P6Hkahld2waBhbx7Oq_RsAFAQtUEDjFMc65Bb_rIRb8qTmJiieZy71I-9KFaBVHffiz5P7l94H7jMeOivpxGMmJc5igQMkjLDnptPOqHc1SuoLKHjalijryhLpI8gB2Ui4jYIAB2Gv3zlahmUu0BGR-t9camBeud_qUKTLDDgGJ3KRZpXRNvCKlO1FXHDA&__tn__=-R

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