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can a non pressure lube opposed twin be converted to a pressure lube engine?

also i recall some one installing a special switch that acted as a relay and wouldnt let an engine start until the oil pressure/level? was high enough. what is that switch called?

Briggs Flathead / simple modifications to increase power of engine.
« on: February 06, 2021, 04:56:28 pm »
i have heard that a few engines are the same except for the addition  of restriction on the intake, carburetor and  or exhaust. is this true and are there any simple mods that increase the performance of opposed twins. as an example i remember reading somewhere that a 16hp and 21.5 hp engine was the same except for an additional plate in the carburetor that reduced airflow.

how does one disable/remove entirely the rpm governor of  a briggs and stratton twin 2 opposed twin.


i was wondering what parts such as cylinder heads, pistons, rings, cam shafts, cranks and connecting rods are cross compatible between briggs and stratton opposed twin engines. i have heard some connecting rods and pistons will fit into like 5 different engines.

any information is much appreciated.


conntech 14

hello i was wondering if anyone knew a place i could find the dimensions of  Briggs and Stratton parts for the opposed twin series of engines. i have heard you people on this forum are experts on these engines.


conntech 14

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