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just getting started

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just getting started on my tractor puller

have a new welder gotta learn how to use it also need a lathe anyone have one
 maybe doing things a bit backwards but had to sand blast everything, primer, and reassemble before I started to modify.Just to look at it in clean stock form. Maybe im a bit obsessive/compulsive,so ive been told.

Big daddy:
The hitch you made is a good hitch. You might use all thread couplers in place of the center 4 nuts, this will spread out the force on the all thread when the hitch section is trying to pull back. It will keep your all thread from wanting to bend as much. Other than that it looks just like the hitch I use on both of my tractors.

thanks man good idea I will do that
waiting for some parts then I will post more progress
limited income probably going to go slow.

Received pillow blocks and collars today mounted them and cut the original clutch pedal, to use as part of the clutch pedal assy and part of the deck raise/lower mechanism to make part of the brake pedal assembly. still have to cut a slot in the running board between the pillowblocks with mill and fab up a couple of pedals. I will cut the shafts to length once things are mounted and more finished. More to come.

Big daddy:
gtpuller if you are serious about building a pulling garden tractor PM me sometime and I can give you some help.


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