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George Herrin:
Finally racers those with the Billet pulley's when you wear them out don't toss em send them in to be re-furbished. We now have the tool Finally to allow us to simply chuck it on the lathe go in face the V and like new. Only makes them about an 1/8 smaller.

George Herrin:
Ec has a new AXLE coming out for the ARMA new Super Mod classes. For a picture of it

George Herrin:
EC now has springs part#260 in stock just came thru the door. We will fill back orders as quickly as we can.

George Herrin:
EC now has copper head gaskets for the Tecumseh V-twin part# 2202 19.80 ea. They are .032 thick.

George Herrin:
We are out of 700's distributors are out we have also been told upon availability there will be a substantial price increase. Now for those waiting on transmissions, we can order them but they will be 275.00. OR if you can wait we will be having our own by the end of Febuary. If you can wait till then these should be priced at 200.00 or maybe even a bit less. They will have steel gears and the cases will be beefier. All parts will be interchangeable with the peerless parts except the splined shaft and gearsand Input gear and bevel. BUT all peerless parts can be transplanted into these cases. We will have transmissions and all replacement parts here towards end of Febuary. SO thats the lowdown on transmissions at this time. We are trying to help you the racers and keep the prices affordable. Some of you know and have seen them on my mowers I have been testing them. I have yet to break one. Absoluteky no leakage whatsoever. These aare some good units. I like them allot so far. In fact they were in my mowers at the ALL American. Thats where we stand right now.


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