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George Herrin:

2950 HWY 48 SOUTH
FAX 615-446-9418



EC DISTRIBUTING universal front axle assy fits many applications. Was designed for a direct fit for MTD and Murray wide body chassis. Will build to your specifications. Complete axle as you see it above 16" center beam works with 6x6 to 6x7.25 rims.  Axle pictured above is with the very new billet spindles.
FCRP-4058      As pictured above less front hubs   245.00
FCRP-4058-1   As pictured above With front hubs  265.00

Rear 4 on 4 billet aluminum hubs complete with hardware.
FCRP-4074   3/4"    axles    30.00ea.
FCRP-4075   1"        axles   30.00ea.
FCRP-4076    1-1/4" axles   30.00ea

First picture is ground side Second picture is engine side will have a steel center hub with with a 1/4 5 hole blot pattern and two set screws. Designed to be able to remove the pulley yet leave hub in place.
The trans/transzxle pulley's will be all aluminum including hub and all one piece.

FCRP-4071   8" motor puley                                                                          Price $59.95
FCRP-4072   6" motor Pulley                                                                         Price $59.95
1" bore hub with mounting hardware for 8" and 6" pulleys     Price $18.95
FCRP-4077   5" trans/tranny pulley                                                               Price $49.95
FCRP-5078   4" trans/tranny pulley                                                               Price $42.95

Pictured is a walbro on a 12 hp Briggs engine this is our Dominator series carbs. We have these ready on the shelf along with a tecumseh carb for the 8 HP and for the V-twins. specify which engine when calling. We will build a carb to your engine call for pricing.

Walbro Briggs Dominator       239.00ea.
Tecumseh Dominator            239.00ea.
Cutom built carbs                 call for Pricing

FCRP-4070K   Billet Clutch assy. complete with
belt giudes and mounting hardware      129.00

This is the needle kit we sell in order for you to make your high side adjustable. $10.00

This is our tecumseh single or v-twin carb single comes with match airfilter adapter. These are massaged for optimum flow and jetting is changed. Want different jets to experiment with ask. They only fit the EC built carbs.                       239.00 ea.

Fits carburetor in above picture                     12.95

316VS Briggs Walbro filter adapter                  12.95

641   K&N 10* Air Filter for the above adapters 14.95

Fits the Tecumseh V-twins. comes with mounting bolts              42.95

Fits the two barrel Vanguards and most other brands that use the
two barrel carbs                                                                       42.95

Fits Filter adapters FCRP 4056 and 4057 (both twin Filter adapters         42.95

This is our new hub and sprocket sets for the 700 or any tranny using the 32 or 9 spline shafts.    
FCRP-4084  31 spline hub                 $19.95
FCRP-4085    9 spline hub                 $21.95
FCRP-4086   12 tooth sprocket          $17.95
FCRP-4087   13 tooth sprocket          $17.95
FCRP-4088   14 tooth sprocket          $18.95
FCRP-4089   15 tooth sprocket          $18.95
FCRP-4090   16 tooth Sprocket          call for pricing Now available
FCRP-4091   17 tooth Sprocket          Call for pricing NOW Available

Turf Pro rear tires 16x7.5x8 .

Turf Master front tires 13x6.5x6 25.00ea.

Turf Master 16x7.5x8 4ply rear tires in stock call for pricing, I don't remember....

True roll 6.5x6 Aluminum 3 bolt front rims .

True roll 7.25x6 Aluminum 3 bolt front rims .

Here is the single OHV rockers, 175.00 a set and are ready for shipment.  ;D just in time for CHRISTmas orders. .

Here is the roller rockers mounted in an INTEK V-Tiwn. These are ready to go. 300.00 for a complete set.  
The Vanguard are ready also look the same But I have no motor here at the time to show them installed. They too will be 300.00 for a complete set.

We have our own line of Sprockets from 42 to 50 in two teeth increments, #40 pitch split aluminum fits our new 1 1/4hub and all our goodies are now anodized red as you can see.

Pt# 501 Hub    27.50
PT# T5315-(# of Teeth) Sprocket starting at 26.00 and up.

Below is the new air filter system for the intek v-twins. You have the one billet turn up it replaces the plastic turn up on the front of the carb then it uses the vanguard adpater and filter. Total price for the whole kit 148.90. Some mods are required to the shroud area.

Here is out T-Shirts $7.00 ea. The Ec logo on front and a picture of the back logo...

Thanks to TIM RAGSDALE for being our Model.... That got him a free T

Front brakes designed to fit our front axles or any axle with a 5/8 stud simply machine a 3/16 keyway and tighten set screws. Brakes come as you see them in the picture. Brake line and master cylinder is seperate due to the many different applications and trying to save the race a dollar. Price for complete set is 420.00. That both sides. 60 cheaper than the Hegars.

Transaxle brake hat, machined for 1"axle but will also have a sleeve you use for a 3/4 inch axle. Don't have a price on it yet.

Below is the EC transmission As you can see it is a mower transmission. Price not set yet soon as we get them will let you know. I have been hammering on this one have 7 to 10 races so far, Jake has dropped the clutch till he got tired and quit and have yet to do any damage.  But here is what they look like.

OK the transmissions are IN race ready add oil and go no reverse Standard 5 speed transmission Steel input and bevel gears thrid gear is 25/25 gear set. THESE ARE NOT PEERLESS. They ARE a direct replacement.


George Herrin:
We now have the 12hp copper head gaskets back in stock. .032

We also have neck braces and driving gloves.

Call for pricing.

George Herrin:
We now have Moly Push rods for those motors using the small diameter push rods, these are 1/4 od hollow chrome molly they come in kit form 4 rods 8 tips cut rod to size insert tips . 53.00 and change. Not sure of exact price. These fit the vanguard and intek twins, We are going to also have the larger diameter rods for the single briggs and Tecumseh twins soon.....

George Herrin:
We now have copper 28 ci ohv head gaskets available can be lightly trimmed for 31 also. I believe the pricing is 24.00 do not take this as an exact price, I do not know as of yet.

George Herrin:
We now have front Brakes available.. Look above for  Pictures and info


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