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USLMRA: STA-BIL Series-US Points Race Schedule Update, 1-22-08

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Updated:  January 22, 2008

STA-BIL National Lawn Mower Racing Series
USLMRA National Points Races

2008-09 Early Bird Schedule;

* Nov. 3, 2007, Shelby, NC (Race completed)


*April 5-6, Avon Park, FL

* April 26-27, Barbourville, KY

* May 3-4, Edenton, NC

* May 24-25, Mobile, AL

* June 7-8, Jonesboro, AR

* June 20-21, Zion, IL
* June 22, Mendota, IL
(Triple Header Weekend)

* July 11-12, Bowles Farms, Clements, MD

* July 19-20, Sparta, MI

* August 2, Kankakee, IL
* August 3, Mendota, IL

* August 30-31, Delaware, MOWhio (STA-BIL Nationals Weekend)

2009 Race Season

* October 4-5, Lake Charles, LA

November 1-2, Shelby, NC

Schedule subject to change. 

Check www.letsmow.com, www.uslmra.com Message Board
and http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/uslmra/ for updates.

George Herrin:
Lake Charles cool that isn't far from Moms and the rest of the fasmily.  :D  Oh well, shame it wasn't a year or two ago.  :noplease:

I wish you guys would come farther west, those listed are a tad to far to make.

Keep your eyes open for us Nic!  I'm currently working very hard in Iowa and we WILL have a national some day!  Just can't say when.

Thanks for the update Bruce!!


But Paul will have Local Chapter races out in that area Nic, just not a National (yet)

Keep an eye out for his LC dates


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