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DLMRA 2008 Season ready to start


Mark Bratcher:
 Dixie Lawn Mower Racing Association

The DLMRA, the USLMRA Georgia Chapter is kicking off its new track and season. March 8, 2008 in Cochran, Ga. We will set sail with some FUN racing. All are invited to attend. More Details at www.dlmra.com :woo:


Congratulations DLMRA.  Great news to start off the New Year!

Bruce Kaufman
Founder & President
USLMRA, Est. 1992

Mark Bratcher:
We have realy worked hard and have broke ground. I will be taking pictures as we get along and posting them on our forum, and web site.

Thanks BK

Mark Bratcher:
Soon to be announced allong with the Build Clinic we will be hosting a test and tune day, for the racer's and the track.


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