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1st Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Over the years I have sat in the rafters of this forum looking and learning from everyone. The amount of info in this forum is priceless and I believe everyone can agree. Losing this amount of knowledge and information would be sad to anyone that is wanting to get into this.

But, we must face the facts that forums like this are pretty much dead. Facebook has pretty much took over. So this brings me to ask this question.

Is there a way to archive this forum with all of its great information and start a FB group? I looked and there is a "HeyMow" group. Did someone from here start that?

I'm in northern Ga and wish there where tracks that raced mower classes. Dixie speedway and Rome speedway only races full size cars.  I know there is some in Alabama. My kids are now old enough to get involved in something like this. I feel FB is an easier platform to gain more interest and to help keep this alive. I maybe way off in left field here... I'm just a gear head that likes all types of racing that burns fuel.


BIG AL 202:
Yes that is from here! The lawnmower racing is winding down. Not sure why, it's a low cost form of competitive motorsports. Plus it's fun! Facebook came along just to keep up with the times.
Here in Michigan we only have one track left, and that really is sad.


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