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New Family Race Team
« on: November 16, 2022, 09:18:40 pm »
Hi All,

So... my family has just finished up its first year of LMRA JPK.. We got hooked enough that we are now building 4 mowers for the next year. JPK, JPS, CP and FXS.

We are lucky enough to have a machine shop in the the family and are making it happen.  New to the sport last year we picked up many tips from the good people at our local track willing to share info in this sport.  We are wide open for suggestions and plan to be competitive in all classes.  One question that seems to be fairly well kept is what is a good starting point to set up steering geometry.  I have searched high and low and the best I can come up with is to experiment.. I know we will need to do this and we fully are planning to but without any input we're guessing. And we would like to not have to spend years getting this important little detail right.   Here's my best guess for a left hand turn only track up to 50-60 mph.. 

Right Caster 3-5 deg
Right Camber 7-9 Deg
Static Caster 2 Deg

Left front Caster 2-4 deg
Left Front Camber 1-2 Deg
Static Caster 2 Deg

Weight Transfer:   With all four tires on the ground place a 2x4 under the right wheel and turn the wheels 30 degrees to the left.      Adjust the preceding measurements till full front tire contact is made at the 30 degrees.

Curious if it is desirable to have the engine moved as far forward as possible???

If any of you would like to help us along and maybe give some advice we're all ear's.

We are building from scratch and plan to do as many performance parts as possible in-house. 

Thanks in Advance!

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Re: New Family Race Team
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2022, 12:26:35 am »
You got too many numbers.....
!0 degrees caster,  10 degrees camber.
10 pounds air in all the tires.
scale it with 25 pounds more on left front than the right front.
Then adjust your air from there.
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Re: New Family Race Team
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2022, 03:37:18 pm »
Most rules say where the engine goes! And that usually is the stock location. There is not much room to move things around a lot, so it probably won't make a lot of difference.