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Powermore restricted?


Hi there,

First time posting on here so hopefully I'm in the right place ect...

I've got a couple of questions.  I'm not a racer... but I think you guys would be able to help more than anyone else.

Is this a 'Powermore' unit?


Second question.  It seems like it was drastically detuned, possibly for the EU compliance.  I don't think a 679cc V-twin should ever struggle but I feel sometimes it does.  It can stall if you try to cut especially long grass too quickly.

It seems like the throttle lever has limited movement, it only moves about 1/4 of the way up the range of movement.  I've looked at the other end where the throttle cable connects at the front of the engine and it seems as though it couldn't move any further even if the throttle lever was able to move further so maybe the whole restriction is at the throttle body.

So I welcome all opinions / advice.  I'm not looking for a fire breathing thoroughbred racer.  I'm just a little bit unhappy about the idea of having bought the biggest engine but not being allowed to use it because of nanny state. 

Heymow is really a race oriented site, but I will give you something to check out.
Make sure your RPM's are 3650. Or whatever they list a HP @ RPM range.


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