Author Topic: Double barrel or single carbs on intek v-twin??  (Read 2899 times)

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Double barrel or single carbs on intek v-twin??
« on: May 17, 2022, 12:40:01 am »
Since I hooked up my foot throttle on my briggs intek v twin I been trying to get the best out of it and had troubles. Hooked it up to the govener arm and put a spring in the govener arm to pull it back to idle position  I cleaned the carb and reset the govener and seems to sound great. A little hesitation at low rpm but not bad and don't seem to over Rev and in the process I was trying to find pictures of how anyone has there's hooked up running v-twin inteks but had no luck but also came across different intake manifolds with single barrel carbs that I never knew about. So I'm wondering what they came on and if anyone has opinions on if singles are better one the inteks or if double barrel carbs are the way to go.  And if anyone tried putting a pit bike carb on a single and had the linkage some how hook to the govener and then to foot throttle and if there were any success in it.  Sorry for the long  paragraph  and I will take pictures in the morning before work of how I did my setup