Author Topic: Removing the cover from a transaxle  (Read 4365 times)

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Removing the cover from a transaxle
« on: June 30, 2021, 01:31:37 pm »

   If you've ever tried to remove the cover from a transaxle, you know what a problem the RTV causes in preventing cover-from-case separation.  Try this: 

   If you're working on a Peerless Gear transaxle, the Service Manual Instructions tell you, after you've removed all the case bolts, to use the two screwdriver slots at either end of the back of the case seam to pry the top from the case.  Other manufacturers' instructions are similar.  I've never been able to get these to work, due to the grip strength of the RTV.  What I use is the Ma Bell knife shown in attached Photo 1 to begin the case-seam separation as shown in Photo 2.  This knife was used by phone-company linemen to open the lead-sheathed wire they used to use on the poles.  Since they don't use this wire anymore, my local phone-company lineman retiree gave me this knife, and it works great!  (Any similar sharp, wide-blade knife will do the same thing, but the Ma Bell knife also has the handy hammer-tap block.)  Tap it into the seam behind the differential gear until the top separates from the case. 

   CAUTION: Only tap it in enough to begin separating the cases -- do not tap it in too far or it will chip the differential-gear teeth. 

   After the case seam begins to open up -- it will usually 'pop' when it does -- and with the knife still holding the cases apart, take a straight-blade screwdriver and pry between the case halves on the right side.  Between the knife and the screwdriver, your cases should separate. 

   To complete the removal, you may need to use the screwdriver at the front of the case while holding the shift shaft down.  And if the axles start to come up when lifting the cover, tap them back down into the case.

   CAUTION: Use the knife and screwdriver carefully so as not to gouge the surfaces to which you will need to apply the RTV to re-seal the transaxle. 

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