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New Lawn Mower Build


Hello! So i'm new to the build scene for racing lawn mowers. I'm currently in the break down process of an older craftsman that has a BRIGGS & AND STRATTON 21 HP 540cc ENGINE. I'm wanting to run billet parts for this set up. The problem is knowing everything I should get and where. Also wanting to know what carb to run along with anything else someone could suggest. I'm looking to run the BP class if not higher.

2nd I was wanting to know what gearing to run in a transaxle that is going to be running 13x6.5x6 Fronts and 16x7.5x8 rear tires. What size pulleys to run on the transmission and what size to run on the engine pulley.

I look forward to everyone's input

From the looks of you explaining 540cc that is a single cylinder And would be run in the cp or mod x class . Bp class or super sportsman class runs v twin over head valve engines .

Ok that is some great information. Appreciate that.


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