Author Topic: 2012 USLMRA Flywheel rule Explained  (Read 6751 times)

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2012 USLMRA Flywheel rule Explained
« on: March 14, 2012, 05:20:22 pm »
From the USLMRA Racing Rule Book:
Starting in the 2012 Racing season Billet Flywheels will be mandatory in all classes with the Exception of JP, IMOW, G/PK and G/P. USLMRA considers Flywheels to be a major safety issue. As RPM’s and speeds increase, it is also highly recommended that in all stock ungoverned classes that a scatter-shield be built and mounted for added safety protection, but not required.
It is Mandatory for Billet Flywheels be used on US OPEN CLASS Mowers with Highly Modified Engines
 Now this is pretty straight forward for USLMRA LC's and National Races.

however there have been alot of questions concerning AC's and US Open Class events
It is Mandatory for Billet Flywheels be used on US OPEN CLASS Mowers with Highly Modified Engines

Any engine other than a bone stock single cylinder engine with no other modifications than the governor being removed are considered highly modified and MUST have a billet flywheel.
It really is that simple;
If it is a twin cylinder, it must have billet.
If it has been ported, polished, bored, stroked, balanced, honed, plumb bobbed, toasted, battered, dipped in green tea an smoked or ANY modification besides removing the must run a billet flywheel!

Wether it is a Sta-Bil Lawn and Garden Series Event, A U'S Open event, LC race, AC race, test & tune, Play day, Punks all Out or who can pull the wagon around the out house faster, if USLMRA's insurance is covering the event, this rule must be followed. If you have "been told" anything else, you have either been told wrong or you mis-understood .

Honestly guys, this rule has been coming for quite some time and is no surprise to anyone. There is no need to debate it any further, the decision has been made and will be adhered to. This thread is not for debating the rule, only explaining it. If there is anything I have not explained, feel free to PM me.
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Re: 2012 USLMRA Flywheel rule Explained
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2012, 05:26:58 pm »
Thanks Rooster.. I DO Approve of this message..
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