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New guy here. I just bought a mower and I want to but new wheels and tires. It looks like most people use go kart wheels? I don't really know anything. What wheels work and thank you for the help.

Carlisle Turf Master 16x7.50-8 for the rears and Carlisle Turf Master 13X6.50-6 for the front and 8" x 8" Douglas blue wheels (4 on 4) for rears and 6" x Offset: 6.5'' x 2.5' for front. Get 4 on 4 hub for the rear and get 5/8" cart hub for the the front. Get an 1 1/4" axle between 36-38 inches in length. Won't matter because in the end your wheel base will be 40 inches or smaller set with axle collars.   

Thanks a bunch!!

BIG AL 202:
If you are running on a kart track, hard clay, you can use turf savers with success.


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