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Billet flywheel for kawasaki FH661?


Is there a way to attach an ARC flywheel to a Kawasaki FH661V by either machining the crank taper or getting the flywheel hub taper machined?

Say if money was no object?

Mower Maniac:
Yeah, just lots of work

im currently working on a kawasaki fs730V  i have checked my flywheel options and have figured on using a old midwest billet kohler flywheel with the ring gear, or the new ZKBR billet twin kohler flywheel./  i have measured the ring gear of my kawasaki and found out its a tiny bit smaller then the kohler, so i plan to take the kohler ring gear of and machine the ring gear surface on the flywheel down a little so i can heat shrink my kawasaki ring gear back on it.   
then on the taper side of things.  the kohler already has a taper its the same angle as the kawasaki just not deep enough. so all i would have to do i taper it bigger to get the desired depth for my kawasaki and problably re key it.   

internally  i used kohler rods and pistons.  i have to turn down the crank to fit the rods,  and i have to bore and sleeve the engine to fit the pistons, ( boring is not necessary if you get smaller pistons ofcourse)     

only thing thats gunna hold me back is the cam for now.  ill have to have that made from scratch prob and use the original gear.


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