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Golf cart tires and gearing help.


Hey guys,

I'm planning on using 8x8.5 golf cart rims for the rear of my mower with a 18x8.5x8 tire.

I currently have a 8 inch engine pulley and a 2 inch trans pulley (700 peerless) and but I don't have a rear axle or sprocket on yet.

Its just going to be a back woods circuit track racer not an oval track racer so I need both speed in the corners (wide and sharp) and speed in the straits. (some long sweeping turns)

Can you guys help me find the right ratios and whatnot please?

(I might have to shift on the fly with a 700 which I know isnt a great idea but maybe it will work if I shift really slow and really let the RPMs drop?)


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