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LT 4000 1st build

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Still have a long way to go...

Tips, comments, suggestions, and criticism all welcome!

It looks like your trying to build a safe machine!   What you are building would be a GP under the USLMRA rules.  Single cylinder governed at 3650 RPM's.

You have a good start. 

But have a way to go yet. 

First you need  safety teather.   So when you fall off the mower shuts down.

You need a different front axle.  The stocker WILL brake at any speed over stock.  You WILL get hurt when it brakes.

You need better brakes.  The stock brakes won't stop the mower at speeds over stock for long.  When they fail you WILL get hurt.

You need to upgrade the steering and the linkage.  It WILL fall apart at speeds faster than stock.

Good start!   Keep going!! 

Thanks for the tips and suggestions. I will certainly take all to heart. Its a v twin and i do plan on removing the governor. I still have an active original seat kill switch. In fact all safety switches are in tact. Except the deck engaged switch. Next will probably be front axle fabrication and frame brace.  The front axle on this machine does seem pretty beefy though. But cant turn down great advice. Then on to the steering that should be easy enough. I have no clue where to start on brakes. Ill take brake tips for days.

I thought you said it was a single in the vid.   What kind of twin?    Briggs intek I assume. 

Don't remove the governor until you get a billet flywheel.

The seat switch is junk.  Put a good kill switch teather on it.  They are cheap and will clean up your wiring in the long run. 

Better brakes on a transaxle take a bit more work but the parts are readily avalible. 

Its a 24hp Intek.

Ill definitely add the teather kill.

After a good look at my axle. It is cast iron. Still not tough enough?

As for brakes. I was thinking of welding a disc to the current disc and add a mechanical caliper. But im not certain that is the best route.


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