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Kubota diesel help?


Hey guys,
I'm new to the whole little diesels and have a few questions. I build custom golf carts and got my hands on a 3 cylinder kubota diesel d600 from a grasshopper 718d. I am currently in the process of installing it into my company golf cart. I've been told that, that motor will not fit. Well I don't believe in the impossible. There is always some way to make something work. I need a couple more tweeks and the motor will fit perfectly. Anyways,

My first question is I am looking into putting a small turbocharger on my motor. I've read guys use vw turbos, smart car turbos, and even RHB31 turbos. I'm wondering which would be the best route to go. I don't need to throw out any massive power. Whatever would work on the stock motor.

Second question is I'm looking at upgrading my alternator from the stock. Is there any specific upgrade alt for this or will any alternator do? I will be running a bunch of lights and accessories.

Third question is I'm also looking at running on board air. I'm debating on if I should go with a belt driven compressor or electric?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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