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Check out this build at ATLMA.US going on now..!!!
--- Quote ---Since what I'm doing is mower directed towards ATLM idea, I'll be updating over there from now on. the link to that thread is below.

its not that I don't love this site, it has been invaluable to me, but my plans for this machine will be more helpful to the ATLM guys, and updating two project threads is a PAIN...

If a MOD could repost this in the TOP message for any new people finding this thread. I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.
--- End quote ---

well I made leaps and bounds on my build last night, so I'm posting pics for all to see. its not a mower, but its drive system is made from mower parts, looking for all thoughts and opinions. it is not fully welded, but its got enough to get setup for a photo op! it will have a front suspension when finished, not pictered yet as it is nowhere near completion. that pickup seat is not the planned seat but it gives good effect. the brakes drums on the axle are for band brakes, they came with the axle, I will be using one of them for a parking brake and an escort brake disc and caliper for normal braking.

if this is in the wrong place, let me know... thx

pardon the mess, my garage has a cut up pickup hiding in there as well.

Now your up in the air... Raise the motor, raise the transaxle and drop the staright axle... Big tires= good ground clearance..

It's not a racer but it IS an interesting build...

That does look pretty darn interesting!

I'll definitely be following this along.

Cool I like it. The only thing I would do different is put a pivit point in for the back half to give the rear some kind of suspension.
So are you just gonna put a sproket on the transaxle output shafts with a chain down to the axle?

yes, I'm going 25 tooth tranny side to 11 tooth axle side, so I won't have to overspin the trans as much, might last longer that way. my engine is already governed to 2000 rpm (from factory) planning to leave it as such for now(note, for now).

I'm trying to figure out a good pulley size to reduce slippage.

I don't recommend welding the rear axles of most transaxles since they aren't hardened all the way through. saying that, since it will have no weight on it, I plan on welding the drive gears in place rather than pay for a keyway to be machined.

I shortened the transaxles to get inside my wheelbase and keep the length respectable (has to be under 50" wide to run in Wayne national forest)

if I had planned better, since I'm not overdriving it, I should have gotten a hydrostatic as it would've made shifting on the fly less stressfull on the tranny, maybe in version 2. i know they are not meant to be shifted on the fly, but I'll do it till it breaks and try some thing else.


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