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2015 AAMC


George Herrin:
OK 69 days and counting, time to start making those plans, for the greatest event in the country. Your DAYTONA of mower racing. It don't get no better than this one. We try hard to make this an event you will never forget. Racers from all across the US Canada and even Australia have been in attendance. We hold the record for largest record of mowers at any event in the US. Anyone regardless of where ya from and what group ya with this event is for YOU the racers. Dont miss out.

In an effort and always striving to make this event better, safer, and a good clean racing event we have comprised some GENERAL event and on track rules that are specific to this event. That being said these are the general rules for the 2015 AAMC which will be passed out to each driver at registration and driver will sign for them. More rules and class guidelines are at www.allamericanmowerchampionships.yolasite.com

1. Alcohol beverages during active track time , drugs, explosives, or fire arms at any time are not allowed on premises at any AAMC event. Any person exhibiting intoxication shall be escorted from the track & will be subject to penalty, barring, fined or jailed.
2. All drivers, mechanics, owners & anyone else will sign insurance release and purchase a pit passes before unloading. Parents must sign a waiver for anyone under the age of 18.
3. Any persons who enters the pit area, agrees to abide by the rules & regulations of AAMC.
4. Anyone failing to abide to the track rules, unsportsmanlike conduct, or holding up the race event for any reason will cause the mower he is involved with to be penalized, barred, or disqualified.
5. No driver, mower owner, or crew member shall have any claims for damages, expenses, or otherwise against the track its owners or AAMC officials.
6. All drivers under the age of 18 must have a minors release signed by legal guardian. You can do this at the register table.
7. No one on the track unless instructed by the pit steward to do so. You will cause your mower to be disqualified.
8. Any one that touches a mower except driver under caution unless instructed to do so by the pit steward will be put to the rear. No mower shall stop on the track for any type of repair without being instructed to do so by pit officials.
10. A mower cannot leave grounds until 20 minutes after its feature race.
11. No 2-way radios will be allowed. (No transmitting or listening devices on a mower). 12. In cause of inclement weather, and a track decision on whether the race will be finished or called a night’s race. Finish order will be awarded to the classes that have run if any have not order will be determined by qualifing.
13. If a mower is found to be illegal, or disqualified the driver will not receive any position or award for event.
14. All mowers must teched before going on track.
15. All mowers must be numbered on each side 5” minimum of contrasting color of mower.
16. AAMC will not tolerate any type of fighting, harassment; male or female. If you start it & throw a punch you will be fined, barred, or jailed. No exceptions will be made regardless the cause.
17. Mowers that run must have fire extinguisher in pits, and proper battery installation or will be disqualified.
18. No person is allowed in or near the flag stand at any time, except scorers For any reason, so do not go to flag stand with problems; go to the pit steward after all races are completed.
20. All mowers must pack track when needed or start on rear. (Only when needed).
21. All lead weights must be painted the color white & have drivers name or initial engraved in the lead.
1. All races will start when the two front drivers are square on the straight when the green flag drops not before. If anyone jumps the start 1st time he will be rolled back to the rear of the field those behind him will move up. No criss-crossing. Two tries and then we will go to a single file start. Each mower must hold its position until the flag drops. The completion of the first lap will be when the lead mower crosses the start/finish line. On start of race if inside or outside or poll mowers, spin on their own and causes a caution flag to be thrown then that mower rolls back to the rear of pack. Any mower on start of race or during race that causes a caution will go to the rear of field.
2. Anyone leaving the track surface will go to the rear. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Restarts will be at the flagger’s discretion in single file coming off of turn 4. No passing until after passing the cone on front straight away. IF YOU PASS BEFORE THE FLAG IS DROPPED YOU WILL BE PUT TO THE REAR AT THE NEXT CAUTION OR SCORED LAST AT THE END WHICH EVER COMES FIRST.
4. Any mower that does not maintain starting formation will go to rear.
5. Any mower that draws 2 CAUTIONS in any race for any reason will have to take it to the pits.
6. Anyone stopping to argue with officials will be blacked flagged and sent to the pits.
7. Maximum mower field is 18 unless approved by track official.
8. No one from pits on track surface at any time unless instructed to do so by the pit steward. (Red flag or caution)
9. No mower repairs of any kind on the track. Do not stop on apron without being instructed to do so by track officials. Go to infield or pits for repairs.
10. All lapped mowers will start in their relative position even if its between first and second place on all restarts.
11. Move over flag means to hold a straight line as to where you are and do not try to run with the leaders that are lapping you. Holding your line means not up or down the track just simply a straight controlled line. If you hold up the lead pack you will be charged with a caution and scored a lap down. Make it easy on yourself and hold a straight line.
12. The completion of a lap is when everyone crosses the start/finish line. Should a caution occur everyone will go back to the last green lap.
13. A black flag will be given if there appears to be a problem with your mower. If you get the flag, go to the pits.
14. If you are disqualified for any reason you will get no finish position or awards for event.
15. If you spin another mower you will be charged with a caution and will go to the rear. TWO AND YOUR GONE!
16. Drivers will line up mowers immediately upon request. If not you will lose your starting position. 17. No laps will be scored that are run in the infield. You will not be scored if you cross outside the scoring loop.
18. Once the leader takes the white flag, and you spin a mower on the last lap you will be scored last on the lead lap, and the mower that did spin will be scored where he was running. If there is danger to a driver, or track is completely blocked and its red flagged, it will be track officials decision to restart the race or score the race on the last completed lap. TRACK OFFICIALS DECISION WILL BE FINAL!
19. If a mower has his nose up to driver’s door, then he has the right to his lane. NO CUTTING DOWN OR UP! This is driver courtesy. If you get there don’t always assume the other driver sees you. Make your decisions wisely. Understand if it goes wrong Officials cannot see every instance and the call the officials make will be final.
20. Heat race starting positions will be determined by qualifying times. Qualifying is determined by timed practice and features will be determined by finish of heats. 21. Pump gas only or racing alcohol only, No additives of any kind. No nitrous oxide in any class.
22. All mowers are subject to inspection at any time by track officials.
23. Fast time-chooses inside or outside poll. (Mowers that time trial)
24. Drivers can not change mowers during any race once started.

George Herrin:
I am proud to announce we will have Jade Rohlfing of www.jadedrides.com an online magazine at the ALL American MOWER Championships cover the event. They have over 387,000 viewers this year already. He is also great with a camera. And will be taking event and specialty pics see his work on his website and at www.photo573photography.wix.com/photo573.

George Herrin:
OK folks I am ordering Trophies for the AAMC this coming week. Dont forget you can preregister at www.aamc.yolasite.com we are only 3 weeks away.ALL AMERICAN MOWER CHAMPIONSHIPS
THE ALL AMERICAN MOWER CHAMPIONSHIPS, over the years this event has continued
to be the biggest single stand alone event in the country. The biggest diversity and
variety of clubs and drivers from across the US and Canada to include Austrailia this
year, gathered in one spot. IT takes allot to make this happen and we are always
actively looking for event sponsors and even class sponsors. If you’re interested please
give me a shout. The Dates are as follows
Nov. 6th Open practice
Nov. 7th Registration and Tech and then Qualifying.
Nov. 8th No practice So please don’t ask!! Feature races only!!! 30 lap features this will
not change. It’s what makes the race what it is.

The AAMC is the Daytona 500 of mower racing and one of the premiere events in the US.
It is dedicated to you the racers. It's the race every racer across the US, Canada and
even the big pond come to test their machines and themselves against the absolute best
of the best. It holds an atmosphere and prestige like no other event. So, come be a part
of the AAMC. There will be something for everyone. There will be trophies, Special
awards, for the racers and plenty going on at this event.

WHERE: Stevenson Alabama City Park Rd. 35772 from I-24 turn south on 72 then go to
Hwy. 117 turn right and City Park Rd. is the first rd. on left.
Camping on site with water and electric available no sewer and is a first come basis.
12.00 per night an attendant will be by to collect. Shower houses on site.

WHEN: Nov. 6 th,7th, and 8th

USED to driver and one got in free but since everyone claimed to be a driver we can no
longer honor this. EVERYONE must pay 5.00 to get in the park sorry. This park entrance
fee applies to everyone!!

RACE FEES: Racers will pay a $45.00 entry fee for one class. Each additional class is
5.00ea covers insurance, and your 3 day pit access and your transponder fees as there
will be electronic scoring as always. ALL other persons in the pits, including pit crew and
minors 6yrs and above must pay $10.00 for Pit pass/Access.
If you pre-register at http://www.aamc.yolasite.com/entry-form.php you will save 5.00
on your race fee.

Weekend Tentative Schedule:
Nov. 6th
FRIDAY EVENING... time/weather permitting tech will be open by 12pm sign in and
safety tech 2pm till track will open But for a controlled practice.

Nov. 7th
8:30-11 registration and tech, 11:15 drivers Meeting 12pm practice/qualifying followed
by heats followed by supper time.
Saturday each class will have two 5 minute rounds of practice /qualifying. Practice times
being recorded and heat grids will be based on those times. Heats will be 15 laps.
Depending on amount of mowers multiple features is possible. We won't know this till
race day. Features on Sunday will be grid by heat finishes.

Nov. 8th
SUNDAY 9:30 to 11 safety tech 11: 15 Drivers meeting (no practice please don’t ask).
12:00 features begin Trophy presentation to follow. Feature's will be 30 laps except for
stock and mini mod class. They will run 3 lap heats and 5 lap features. May the best
racer win?

ALL are welcome regardless who you race with. BTMRA rules will be the guideline classes
are based on.
Pump gas or Alcohol is legal and fuel is subject to testing. Staff reserves the right to test
all fuel suspected or randomly. Test fuel will be bought from BP on right past park
entrance. We DO HAVE A TESTER AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT. No additives what so
ever allowed in the fuel or the oil.

Class Designation / Groupings
Goal: We want ALL groups out there to be allowed to compete in the AAMC. We have
created a set of rules designed to allow just about any reasonable type of mower to
compete. Please review class designations below.

Classes based on BTMRA/US/ARMA/:
Mini mod 4 to 10 yrs. 10/1 ratio 3650 rpm 6.5 max hp
Super Stock/IMOW
GP / ModXR
CP Mod-X
BP/Super Sportsman
Limited Mod Single
Super Mod Single/FXS
Limited Mod Twin
Super Mod Twin/FXS

J/P class sponsor was always taken by JSE racing. (Joe's Small Engines) Since Joe
passed right after the AAMC we will continue to honor this by sponsoring the GPK class
in his honor. Since his love was watching the kids race.
Depending on amount of participation there is the chance we may run multiple qualifiers
to pare down the fields for features, this will be a race day decision made at the
discretion of AAMC officials on race day. (Everyone will have a chance to race.)
Race Day Decisions
All race day decisions made at the discretion of AAMC officials will be communicated to
the drivers as soon as possible so everyone has as level a playing field as possible. ALL
decisions are final and not open for argument.
Camping on site water and electric available no sewer and is a first come basis. 15.00
per night an attendant will be by to collect. Shower houses on site. Primitive camping
allowed also.

Lodging in Stevenson Ala:

AMERICAN INN beside McDonalds n 8mins from track.
Address: 42973 US-72, Stevenson, AL 35772
Phone:(256) 437-2215

42973 US Highway 72, Stevenson, AL-35772(256) 437-2215
Amber House0.4 MILES
103 Myrtle Pl, Stevenson, AL-35772(256) 437-8434
Creekstone Lodge 8.9 MILES
355 County Road 213, Hollywood, AL-35752(256) 574-1462

Hess Motor Inn 8.1 MILES
50621 Al Highway 277, Bridgeport, AL-35740(256) 495-2600
Lodging around Stevenson Ala:
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Kimball in Kimball 1-800-230-4134
300 Battle Creek Rd., Kimball, TN 37380 (Rural)
Attractions: Ketenes Mill, Cornbread Festival Headquarter, Tva Widows' Creek, Nickajack
Lake, Sequatchie Pointe, 20 Minutes away from Chattanooga Downtown
~14.72 miles from Downtown Stevenson

Days Inn in KIMBALL 1-800-997-5148
130 Main St., KIMBALL, TN 37347 (Suburban)
14.80 miles from Downtown Stevenson

Comfort Inn & Suites in Scottsboro 1-800-997-5149
25775 John T Reid Pkwy., Scottsboro, AL 35768 (Lake)
Brand New Property! Indoor Pool and Hot Tub, Large Fitness Room, Complimentary
Breakfast... EVERY ROOM HAS: micro/fridge, desk, hair dryer, coffee maker, suites
available at higher rates.
Attractions: Unclaimed Baggage, Lake Guntersville, Russell Cave, Bucks Pocket,
Goosepond Colony, Plantation Pointe, Walls of Jericho
16.24 miles from Downtown Stevenson

Hampton Inn & Suites in Scottsboro 1-800-230-4134
24747 John T Reid Pkwy., Scottsboro, AL 35768 (Suburban)
Attractions: Unclaimed Baggage, Goose Pond Colony Golf Course, Lake Guntersville,
Russell Cave National Monument, Walls of Jericho, Cathedral Caverns, Busks Pocket
State Park, Crow Mountain Orchards Scottsboro-Heritage Center, Vintage Vows Wedding
Chapel, Stevenson Railroad Museum, Bridgeport Railroad Museum, Pisgah Gorge, and
North Alabama Birding Trail.
~16.93 miles from Downtown Stevenson

Jameson Inn of Scottsboro Al in Scottsboro 1-800-997-5148
208 Micah Way, Scottsboro, AL 35768 (Highway)
What we offer is a deluxe continental breakfast, with Belgian waffles, biscuit & gravy,
cold cereals, hot cereal, coffee, fruit juices & etc. All of our rooms have a refrigerator,
microwave, & coffee pot. We also offer free high speed wireless internet. We are the
best hotel in Scottsboro. We are located just a few miles from the unclaimed baggage
center and from Lake Guntersville.
Attractions: unclaimed baggage, a small petting zoo, and a medium size flea market on
the first Monday of every month held around the square.
Reservations Scottsboro Group Rates Map
~17.60 miles from Downtown Stevenson

Americas Best Value Inn in Scottsboro 1-800-997-5149
46 Micah Way, Scottsboro, AL 35769
Reservations Scottsboro Group Rates Map
~17.65 miles from Downtown Stevenson

Comfort Inn in Scottsboro 1-800-230-4134
23518 John T Reid Pkwy., Scottsboro, AL 35768 (Lake)
Attractions: The Unclaimed Baggage is a great place to visit. Guntersville Lake is a great
place to fish, swim and play. And we have a lot of famous Restaurants in the area.
Reservations Meeting Space Scottsboro Group Rates Map
~18.27 miles from Downtown Stevenson

Comfort Inn in Kimball 1-800-997-5148
205 Kimball Crossing, Kimball, TN 37347 (Mountain)
Attractions: Jasper & South Pittsburg 2 miles, Mount Eagle 15 Miles, Chattanooga 25
Miles, Ruby Fall, Rock City, Lookout Mtn, TN Aquarium with in 25 Minute.
Reservations Kimball Group Rates Map
~18.35 miles from Downtown Stevenson

George Herrin:
one week away hope your all excited as I am. Preregistration will be closed as of Monday Nov. 2nd. So if your looking to do so and save 5.00 get er done. If you dont have paypal thats fine you can still pay at the track and save your 5.00 as long as your preregistered.

George Herrin:
The AAMC is upon us, 1 week. Bit of showers in the forecast but we have never had a complete rain out. The most ever we didnt get Friday practice in. So get em ready and loaded see ya there and if ya wanna save 5.00 get preregistered. You CAN pay at the track. Go to http://aamc.yolasite.com/entry-form.php


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