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George Herrin:
If your a vendor or seller DO NOT talk up your product by down talking someone else's and don't try slipping in the lil snide remarks. It aint happening. Sell your product but do it on yours or its own merit. END OF SUBJECT. And remember there is always other places you can do your selling if you cant abide by the above mentioned.

Rocket Ron:
George, would you completely erase all the chitter chatter or even completely erase the entire post that involved the nonsence that pertained to the rocker arm topic that had already been hashed out long while ago in the OHV section and clean up that mess that I prob.agged on some my self, seems their's certin group that no matter what the topic I reach out to help people. certin indavigiles like to make a mockery out of it.over and over kind'a tierd of it my self. sorry for steeping out of line myself. Ron.


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