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winged outlaw kart conversion

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just finished the cage on my first outlaw conversion. for those that have never seen these you put recievers on the nerf bar mounts and rear frame rails to mount a spring loaded cage to keep the chassis from binding

sweet......what r you running a 390?

nope just a box stock  6.5 clone makes around 10 hp. this one is my boys. i'll be doing mine next which will have a bp class 6.5 be around 15 hp  we get to about 65 mph on a 1/5 mile. the big dogs run 500cc 2 stroke dirt bike motors and run about 80 they can hit 100 on a bigger track. more hp/weight ratio then a 410 sprinter. they are some bad machines but 3500-4000 for a motor is a little rich for my blood to run for 50 bucks lol

George Herrin:
Interesting do you sell the cage unwelded for the do it yourselfers.

we have talked about it. biggest problem is they have to be custom because the nerf bar mounts and chassis widths are all different on most chassis, want to do a few more to get the bugs worked out before we do that. was think'n around 150 bucks for the diy kit with the recievers,springs and rear bumper. and 200 for complete epoxy painted chassis.  here is the one we bought and based our design on. this one was built for kids so we are making them a little more adult freindly


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