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As has been discussed several times throughout the forum the use of thumbnailed images provides numerous benefits to the forum and it's members. Simply posting an image will result in a smaller rendition being posted as the forum software limits the size of images posted to 300 x 200 pixels. This does not however reduce file size, wherein you create problems for those members on dial-up when you post several large pictures. And, those images are not clickable for the full size rendition, you're stuck with a 300 x 200 picture.

To properly post these images to afford the most benefit to the forum and it's members, those images should be thumbnailed and linked, which offers not only a reduced file in image posted, it also affords you a clickable link to the larger image. Photobucket offers a sweet and simple solution for this method as is dicussed in the quote below by Squidd.

We ask that you please use this method when posting your pictures with narration in a thread.

Photobucket also provides hosting for your video footage as well, if you really aren't interested in posting it on YouTube. See... to sign-up for your free photo/video hosting.

--- Quote from: Squidd on December 01, 2006, 10:36:41 pm ---Those are on photobucket right...?

Go to your album page...
Check the little box right next to the title (just under picture)
Go to bottom of page where it says "generate html and img code" click that...

It'll open new page...

Click the center line "IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended"
Copy and paste here...done...

--- End quote ---

Optionally... if you aren't concerned about narration of the images and simply want to post a picture or two quickly, without the hassle of loading them to Photobucket, you can use the Addional Options link below the input box in "Reply". No this ain't there in "Quick Reply", you must click the Reply link to access it.  When you click the Additional Options it opens up, well... additional options! One of which is "Attach", wherein if you click browse you can find and upload the files directly from your computer. This method auto-thumbnails the images on the forum, likewise affording smaller file sizes and quicker loads for dial-up users.

George Herrin:
yea like me most of the time

Tom Cole:
When swapping the forum to the new server, there were about 10 files that were uploaded that were larger than 1 MB.  The total attachment directory WAS 71 MB and by removing these files, I reduced it to 52 MB.  Stuff like this kills the bandwidth for this site and makes the heymow experience less enjoyable.  If you do not understand how to size a picture for upload, then please don't use the forum as your classroom.

Here are a few things to know:
The max size of the attachment directory is 90 MB
The max individual file size is 256K at a max dimension of 300x300, at 72dpi thats about 4"x4" on the screen at 100% zoom.
The max number of pics per post is 4 and they cannot total more than 256k
Thumbnails are reduced to 150x150 @ 72 dpi

You should resize your picture before uploading to 72dpi, and then to 300x300 or smaller.  There is no reason to ever post a picture which is only going to be viewed on a computer monitor at any pixel density greater than 72dpi.  That's the best your monitor can show so anything higher is wasted bandwidth and your peers on dialup will not love you for it.

It is hard sometimes to make the distinction between how big a picture really is vs how it is viewed on the screen because of digital zoom.  If you first change the picture resolution or pixel density to 72dpi and zoom to 100%, that will be how big it will apear on the screen.  You can then resize/crop it to something smaller than 4"x4" or 300x300 pixels and it will upload fast and without trouble.

Additionally... Avatars are limited in size to 90x90 px. We want to see file size on those reduced to less than 5 kb.

Although there are one or two around here that exceed that slightly, for them most part avatars on the forum run 3.5 - 4.5 kb.

If you need help getting your avatar down to proper dimensions and/or file size, let me know!

Tom Cole:
Funny thing.  I didn't really think about avatars because I'm not a very decorative or festive person.  I need to get an avatar and stop being so dull.   :lol:


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