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Guests who read but do not join, read this.

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I was talking with another Moderator, Rooster, and he had told me of talking to several
folks over the phone and whatnot and about how they found out about him. They said
from Heymow. He then asked for their handle on the site. "Well" they say..... "I just read
and have not joined up". Rooster asks them, "how do you keep up with the new stuff?"
They asked, "how do you mean." "There is a link you click on the site and it will list all of
the items that are new since your last visit", says Rooster. "Really!!" the guest says. "Yes",
says Rooster.

Posting is not a requirement.
It is a good idea to put your location, atleast the state you live in. Someone may live in
you area and contact you for a meet and greet at a local track, you can never tell.

From a relative newbie. PLEASE JOIN!!!  That's how I met a member (Flipper) that lived close to me and he has been VERY helpful on my first build with tips on what NOT to do. He already did them and didn't want me to make the same mistakes.  I HIGHLY suggest joining!!  Heck, if there was a fee I would STILL be a member. Where else are you gonna find out about some of this stuff??  Thanks, Tom  


--- Quote from: tsmith1499 on June 08, 2011, 12:30:49 pm ---  Heck, if there was a fee I would STILL be a member.   

--- End quote --- didn't get the invoice?
I can remedy that for you, send me a check and I'll get the accounting done.And everyone of those guys end up PM'ing me to the tune of ;"Wow, you saved me a ton of time!"

FXS 49:
  This site is full of incredible information for the new and old in this sport. I think everyone should be a member.  Gives me something to do when works slow, I read every new post and am trying to read the older stuff as time permits. But its gonna take a while there so much GREAT information for everyone involved in this FUN sport

   Thanks for having this AWESOME site for all to use


I enjoy "reading the evolution" of the sport.
I printed out the flathead section in chronological order once. You'd be surprised at how things have changed in the few short years Heymow has been up!


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