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17hp Kawasaki 540

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I am looking to race a 17hp OHV Kawasaki motor.  Any input on this motor would be greatly appreciated.  How big of exhaust to build.  What type of carb is best for throttle response and performance?  Is there a place to buy performance parts?  I am new to racing, and would like to be competitve.  I also have a 12.5hp Kawasaki motor, just thought the more hp would be a good start. 
Just looking for some advice.  Thanks in advance.

Having a chassis that can handle the power is more important than having more motor in the case of mower racing.
There are a few people that run Kawasaki's but they are custom pieces. Check out the build section on strengthening
the chassis, improving brakes and steering before going after the motor performance goodies.

Joey Nahas runs both of those motors and is knowledgable in this area. His "handle" here is "Flipper".  He will probably see this and chime in eventually after he recovers from Philly!!!

Chassis setup is WAY more important than engine power.  It also depends on what class you are going to run.  Some classes you are not allowed any internal mods. I know I am going to run mine stock because of the class I am planning on running in for the first year and then maybe move up after that.  From what Joey has told me the 17's have GREAT low end torque without any mods.

Thanks for the heads up on the chassis.  I will check out the site for more info.  TI appreciate the comments.  This is cool stuff and seems to be a blast so far.  I love racing, so anything that gets me around the track is awesome. 

Check out Joey's build in the build section.  LOTS of info in the build section. More than your brain can handle sometimes.  The guys that have been in it awhile know their stuff.  That's why I read and read and read in the build section.  Good luck.  What frame are you using?


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