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New Advertisers!
« on: April 14, 2010, 03:29:11 pm »
I'd like to welcome Sulivan & Newman Racing Mowers, as well as Ryker Racing, to the advertising fold. Please support these folks, as well as our current advertisers:

EC Distributing
Bever T-shirts
EOP Timing
Herrin Mower Sports

Just so everyone knows how much it would cost to advertise, here are the rates again. This is a per-month charge and you will receive an invoice every month. I do only get 20-25 printed a month, but advertisers do at least receive two copies. Originally, it was five. But, the well runs dry quickly.

Banner ad (8 inches wide by 1.2 tall) is $25.
Quarter page (3.87x5) is $40.
Third Page (1.875x10.25) $50.
Half Page (8x5) $75.
Full Page 8x10.25 is 100.

And I'd also like to issue a special thanks to Paul Krueger and Tim Jerby, who have been instrumental in the development of some very good stories.

Also, PIP Printing, a franchise that I use out of Indianapolis, has been very good to me. I'd recommend them for any flyers, programs, newsletters.

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