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February Budget/Advertisers
« on: January 07, 2010, 01:50:04 pm »
Cover Art: Provided or All-American
Page 2: Aaron's Column/March Events
Page 3: Feature1 Joe Woodside All-American giving.
Page 4: Sparta, N.C. club's results.
Page 5: Sounding off: USLMRA and ARMA officials have the opportunity to share any news or views.
Page 6: Driver Profile: Brian Smith
Page 7: Heymow Hints/Poll results fromDecember
Page 8:CLMRA Results (hoping to get pictures, too)
Page 9: EC's 28 teardown and build, part 1.
Page 10: Tech tips from EC Distributing on a performance part.
Page 11: Rooster's Column

Committed advertisers:
EOP Pro Timing (Kerry Evans)
Herrin Mower Sports (George Herrin)
USLMRA (Bruce Kaufman)
EC Distributing (Carroll Ford)
Precision Cam (Mark Edwards)
SOMA/Hitchhiker Parts (Carey Hullett a.ka. Hitch)

Please thank these folks as they are making Mowmentum happen. And if you order from them, lie and say you saw their ad in Mowmentum Magazine! 8)
Advertising Rates:
Banner Ad (8" widex1.25") $25
Quarter Page (3.97x5) $40
Third Page (1.875x10.25) $50
Half (8x5) $75
Full (8x10.25) $100.

If interested, PM me, call me or email me. My contact information is available on this thread.
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Mowmentum Magazine