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I am building another tractor for garden tractor pulls. Going to start a build thread on this one to. It might be a little slow as its a winter project. It will use modified cub cadet frame rails, cub rear axle and steering gear. Custom front axle, VW clutch and an AGND wisconsin engine. I have JD 216 sheet metal for it. It will be setup like a half pint chassis but will not use a drop box. I like the half pint chassis style but in our rules you cannot use a drop box. I figured out a way to get around using a drop box wich you'll see later.

This is the front axle I built. It is entirely my design. I couldn't find one I liked in the aftermarket catalogs so I built my own.

Big daddy:
You might look into using the front reduction housing from the original cub cadet tractor. It may not drop quite as much as a "drop box". But it is factory equipment, you may have to alter the gear ration from what you could get with a drop box, but I have seen this done.

I like that. Looking forward to keeping up on the build.

Put a big dent in it this weekend. Started with two frame rails and ended with a rolling chassis.

I scored this cub axle off Craigslist for $40

The frame rails cut to fit under the cub axle instead of on top.

JD steering gear. Its the same box that the cubs use just different mounting pattern.

The rear rims were made from 4 rims. They were cut on a lathe with the correct offset and valve stem orientation and welded together with a tig. No tubes, no air leaks. The tires will get double cut by myself. The Carlisle are very good when double cut. Were I pull I will run a carlisle against a purpose built tire anyday. The frame will get cut out where the engine is and dropped 3 more inches. I am having a driveshaft made to connect the trans and clutch housing. 1000 series ujoints and 3/4 4140 stressproof steel for the shaft.

Looks pretty solid. I like it all ready. Don't have any ?s on it yet. Thank you for keeping us up to date and explaining it.


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