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John Deere Snow Pusher

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I put this together 2 years ago to clean off the driveway only. I picked up this 111 Hyro for $25.00. I pulled the 11hp single Briggs and put in a 19Hp Briggs twin that I got from a junk Sears. I had to notch the frame here and there to make it fit. The crank ended up in a different spot but got lucky as the hydro belt made it back to the hydro ok. I only had to cut out the bracket that was used for the elec PTO clutch. I didn't want to butcher up the hood (no pun intended) so I made some new hinges to raise the hood 3 inches for the engine to fit.  I fitted it with "duel exhaust" a straight thru screw in muffler on each cylinder. Seat from a junk MTD. See below what I used for wheel weights

The wheel weights are kawaski flywheels that fit perfect. One piece of all thread holds them on. Chains are cut down car chains

I call it "snow problem". I have about $45 invested.


What is "snow"? I think I may have forgotten. Is it anything like sand? We have a bunch of that.

nice ride

If I'm lucky I might see sand in the winter.. on the road for traction.. :D

You have just been nominated as a honorary member of the Deere Herd :D


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