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C120 GT Puller project begains

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Got the frame cleaned up , primed and painted

This tractor will be from at least 3 different tractors.

The frame and tin work is a C-160 eight speed, the trans is 8 speed 8 pinion from a C-81, the motor is a 12 HP Kohler from a C-120 Auto.

The C-160 tranny has to be taken apart and get new seals at some time, it will be a spare or go in another tractor.

Maybe i should name it Frankenstein biggrin.gif

This one will be a stock 12HP class

some more progress

running , replaced the fuel line with new, took it out and drove it around

Still have to build wheelie bars and mid and front weight brackets, and more tin work

looks beastly  :omg:

Nice Tractor:

My 5 year old son has a tractor just like that one that he rides around in the yard nice tractor 8)

Thanks guys, still got some more painting. also plan to do some motor work, like a 18 HP OHV cam and shave the head


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