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Peerless 801-019/019A
« on: November 05, 2005, 10:38:39 am »
*Peerless 801-019/019A*
Post by DaveP064 on May 15, 2005, 10:57pm

A couple of rookie questions for the experts...

First off, I'm not sure which variation we are running of the 801-019
(haven't checked that closely yet, but going from the Allis manual)...
Glancing quickly at the parts breakdown and list they look about
identical... Is there any major difference?

Knowing that we are now pushing the transaxle at about 10 times the
intended input speed, should I drain it and refill it with anything
special, like synthetic? I want to protect it as best I can, since
rookies sometimes do tortureous things to equipment.

Speaking of torture, with the 5-speed, I have found that it prefers
working it's way up the gears rather than starting at the top... we have
been bumping it through the gears without a clutch, but I'm anxious to
know how tolerant it is going to be of that practice... I've been trying
to clutch and decellerate before dropping gears, but with the stock
brake still attached I hate to tromp the clutch too hard under the
influence of adrenaline.

Save my tranny, guys... throw some sage words of advice my way!


DaveP in Ohio
*Re: Peerless 801-019/019A*
Post by George Herrin on May 15, 2005, 11:29pm

shifting on the fly is not something you want to do. It will pop shift
keys eventually. Add a couple ounces of 90wt gear lube to the benonite
grease thats in it an d it should hold up pretty good.
*Re: Peerless 801-019/019A*
Post by DaveP064 on May 15, 2005, 11:34pm

Ok... I'll try to retrain myself and Jordan on the bad "shift-on-the-go"

I'm guessing that once we get the clutch adjusted better and the finger
throttle that slipping into motion will be a smoother process. That
running the dash throttle and shifting is murder on the hands as well as
keeping the mower aimed straight with one hand!