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The Classes of Mower Racing Explained

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--- Quote from: jerb on April 15, 2009, 11:51:52 pm ---rooster, you simply have a way with words, all im gonna say, besides really cool post. thanks for taking the time!

--- End quote ---

Ok I'll let the secret out, I was a language arts major what little bit of college I went to.

LOL, "Can you friggin' believe it?" ok who said it in what movie?

Very nice job explaining the classes Rooster!

Jack Jones
Hard Case Racing

Lol, Look the Rooster got stickied, I say there boy I think someone done went an spilt some of the Col's honey sauce on my wings!

Mr Goodwrench:
Rooster, you give this sport personality!!!!!!

Lol, thanx...some call me a smart butt, I just try to keep it light.


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